3 Best AI Essay Writer Tools in 2024 Reviewed

Essay writing, though not very difficult, can sometimes get very overwhelming for students. It is because not everybody has the right writing skills, and that makes them lose confidence. This highly impacts the quality of the essay and, eventually, the grades. In return, students try to avoid every possible situation of writing an essay. But is that absolutely possible? No! Today’s education curriculum consists of essay writing as a compulsory segment, and moreover, several schools and colleges also ask for essays during the admission process. Therefore, what is the solution to this problem?

Expert minds came together to find a solution to this problem. In the process, they established assignment help services. Now, these brands have come up with AI-generated essay-writing tools. Essay Typer tools like the essay typer by MyAssignmenthelp.com are very common these days and widely used by students. In this blog, I will help you learn about the 3 most popular and recently updated AI writer tools that will help you compose your next essay. 


This tool is your solution to all your essay writing problems. Be it essay writing or outlining, or getting relevant essay templates, you can access all of it in this tool. It is easy to use and has quite some positive reviews from students. The best part of using this tool is that you don’t have to worry about the creative factor as well. The essays generated by the tool do not seem robotic and have a lot of creativity. The students’ reviews speak highly of the brand and affirm that the quality of the essay solution is noteworthy. This tool comes with an inbuilt grammar checker and plagiarism-checking tool. Therefore, you no longer have to take any pressure about rechecking these criteria after you get the solution from the tool. 


This is a very popular brand among the students when assignment help services are concerned. Besides having tutors to help the students with assignment generation, they also have access to writing tools. But why would somebody choose the tool and not the human writers? Because hiring writers comes at a certain cost, whereas the tools are absolutely free of cost. This does not indicate anything regarding the quality. Both the human writers and the tool provided with top-notch writing solutions. The tool has grammar and spell-checking options along with plagiarism checking options. Several students have repeatedly used this tool, and they seem to be satisfied with the results. For further assurance, some of them have consulted human experts as well. Buts as per students’ testimonials, no significant changes were made. This implies that the tool can be trusted. 


Last but not least, Assignmenthelp.us is a very reliable essay-generating brand. This again has human experts as well, but the AI tool here is also very popular. This brand has already delivered more than 75000 essays, and a significant portion has been generated using the tool. The brand has separate tools that allow you to make your essay flawless. Using these tools, you can check the grammar and plagiarism, reference properly, etc. It has a huge popularity among the students, with a rating of 4.9/5. For this brand as well, using the tool is absolutely free of cost. Some of the samples are present on the website curated by the tool. Check them and see if they sound readable to you. However, you can be sure that you won’t be disappointed. 

  • How to Use These Tools?

All these tools have a user-friendly interface and contain no complicated process. It is, in total, a matter of a few minutes till you get the readymade essay solution in hand. Follow the below-mentioned two-step to get easy essay solutions – 

  1. Input the title of the essay. Remember that the results are best received when the topic is precise and specific. The tool is not the same as a human mind; therefore, the more precise the topic you give it, the better results it will give you. 
  2. Once you have given the topic, press the enter key and wait for the result.

That’s it! Here, you should know that if you are facing difficulties choosing the topic for your essay, the tutors associated with the brand can guide you about the same. Do not worry for they will charge a very minimal price that will surely fit your budget. 

But here is a piece of advice for you. Do not copy-paste the solutions you receive from these tools. As you write your essay, refer to the solution as a guide. The essay won’t take too long to write once you have a reference in front of you. You can use the data provided in the solution and adhere to its structure, but replicating the solution will not be seen as ethically sufficient. 

This won’t seem right, not just on ethical grounds but on moral grounds. Better to think of the situation more critically and then use the solution. Give it your personal touch, and the ethical issue will shoo away. Hence, if you decide to use an essay typer, consider the ethical issues.  

Wrapping it up 

Essay typer is the saviour in knight’s armor for the students. Easy to use and instant solutions have contributed to their popularity. But once again, copying the solutions is not legal, but using it as the blueprint is the right way to do it. 

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