4 Most Memorable Cricket Matches in India

India is considered one of the best cricketing nations in the world due to the team’s awesome achievements. The games are covered with a strong audience and spread talk in the media. We have selected four of the most famous cricket matches in Indian history, which we will be happy to tell you about. Let’s start!

#1. Cricket World Cup 2011: Mumbai and Sri Lanka

This was the 10th Cricket World Cup. The eventual one, played on the 2nd of April, 2011 at Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium, has got two Asian teams participating in it for the first time in the tournament’s history.

Sri Lanka won the toss and got the first chance to bat. The team registered 274 runs and had only six wickets fall in her 50 overs. India suffered an early blow as their leading batsmen, Virender Sehwag and Sachin Tendulkar were lost leaving them with only 31 runs for two wickets. On the other hand, though, Gambhir and Kohli rescued the situation by adding 83 runs more together.

India has achieved the feat of being the first team other than the West Indies to win the World Cup on two occasions. Dhoni got the Man of the Match title while Yuvraj Singh was Man of the Tournament. The game was also the last of their World Cup careers for the famous pair of cricketers named Muttiah Muralitharan and Sachin Tendulkar. Thereafter, the Indian players hoisted Tendulkar on their shoulders while carrying him around the stadium acknowledging the first and only world championship title he won.

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#2. 2001: Kolkata against Australia

Even though it wasn’t technically a World Cup final, the Test match between India and Australia in Kolkata was still one of the best the Indian team has ever played. India lost the first Test match in less than four days in Mumbai. Furthermore, the Australians in Kolkata put on a 445-run stand that looked unbeatable in the first innings. 

Despite their poor day, the Indians managed a 171-run stand. It was also requested that the Indian team continue playing. Because they were determined not to give up, Air Force Laxman and Rahul Dravid were able to reach 376 runs. The day was saved by Harbhajan Singh’s heroics. India triumphed 3-1 in the series and celebrated its victory in the end. However, following this pivotal match, the Australian team lost their will to fight and was unable to muster any resistance in the subsequent games.

#3. World T20 2007: final against Pakistan

When the inaugural Twenty20 tournament took place in South Africa, India was by no means the favorite to win. Many fans were discouraged when Mahendra Singh Dhoni was named team captain because, up until that point, nobody had any idea who he was. But in the competition, the Indian squad showed that they were unbeatable. 

The greatest challenge was to come when they played Pakistan, their bitter rivals. Since the two teams had already faced off in the group stage, which India had won, India had a psychological advantage going into the final. They ultimately won their first World Cup T20 trophy as a result of this, winning by a margin of five rounds. 

#4. 1983: World Cup final

Winning the 1983 World Cup, according to many Indian cricket enthusiasts, was a turning point for the national team. After winning their first trophy, Kapil’s Devils were all but immortalized. In contrast to the Clive Lloyd-led West Indies team, who were a seasoned team that had successfully defended the trophy, they were viewed as major underdogs in the fight. 

Still, the Kapil squad was focused on winning. The game’s events don’t need to be explained because Indian cricket fans are likely familiar with them. What matters is that India emerged victorious in the game, defeating other nations by a score of forty-three points.


Cricket fans are usually very familiar with these well-known matches. In general, the history of cricket contains numerous significant events that cannot be described even in the space of several books. However, many of these events will only occur in the future. You can take part in these stories by betting on your favorite teams at https://india.1xbet.com/line/cricket/988155-india-premier-league. Perhaps one day you’ll tell your friends how you bet on a match in which a historical event occurred.

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