7 Creative Foods And Beverages To Spice Up Your Upcoming Occasion

7 Creative Foods And Beverages To Spice Up Your Upcoming Occasion

You won’t deny the statement that food and beverages are the life of any party because they can lift up a person’s mood. Good and healthy foods are always the first priority of individuals these days, isn’t it? But cheat days are also necessary so that you can offer something delicious and satisfying to your taste buds once in a while. Do you know what the best time is for having a cheat meal? If not, then you must consider the special occasions, parties, and celebrations to devour some creative and tantalizing dishes.

Now, here we have listed some of the creative foods and beverages that you can lay on your buffet table when you are hosting a birthday, anniversary, housewarming, Valentine’s, or baby shower party. Do you know what the best part about these foods and beverages is? These items will not only add a colorful and delicious visual to the celebration but also serve as unique Valentine gift for girlfriend, birthday gifts for friends, anniversary gifts for relatives, and more. You can pick up the box of these edible goodies according to your receiver’s taste preference.

1] Egg Salad

You must have had fruit and vegetable salad on almost every occasion and party, but on your upcoming occasion, you can give these salads a healthy and nutritious twist. This can also be one of the perfect gifts for your foodie girlfriend or loved one who is health conscious.

 So, all you have to do is add a bowl or platter of egg salad to the table and let your guests enjoy this protein-rich creamy dish. The blend of cheese, boiled eggs, black pepper, and other vegetables makes this egg salad yummy and aesthetically appealing.

2] Stuffed Potatoes

Another creative food item that you can add to your next party is stuffed potatoes because they are rich in carbs, fatty acids, starch, etc. Since they are not baked instead of deep frying, it is also a healthy option that you must add to the birthday, Valentine’s, housewarming, or anniversary platter. Your guests will love this addition and enjoy eating stuffed potatoes while chatting with others and discussing about their life events.

Apart from serving this dish as a starter for your event, you can also pack it in a box and give it as a gift to someone on different occasions. Food gifts are one of the most satisfying and useful gifts that you can offer to a person.

3] Raspberry Mojito

You are not going to serve the food items without any beverage to match them, right? It is a must to add some delicious drinks to your party so that your guests can quench their thirst after having the other dishes. So, along with serving normal water, you can offer glasses of raspberry mojito, which is a fruity and healthy beverage to your party attendees.

Whether it is a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or bachelorette party, this drink is perfectly suitable for all the listed occasions. It offers a refreshing feeling when someone drinks it, and they can stay at the party longer.

4] Baked Sweet Treats

Does your girlfriend, sister, friend, or close ones love to have sweet treats from time to time? If yes, then a box of baked goodies can be the best valentine gift or birthday gift for them. You can easily get them in your nearest bakery and customize the order according to your preference. Macaroons, donuts, cakes, cupcakes, croissants, brownies, etc, are some of the sweet baked treats that you can opt to add to your next celebration because everyone loves them.

5] Black Bean And Corn Salad

There are many people who are inclined towards a healthy lifestyle, so you must definitely add a salad platter to your celebration. Salads can be made by mixing any food item and spices, right? Well, then, you can skip the common cucumber, radish, and tomato salad and opt for a black bean and corn salad.

These ingredients are boiled and mixed together in a bowl with lemon juices, salt, pepper, and other spices. This black bean and corn salad is both healthy and nutritious for you as well as your guests, so you can consider this creative food.

6] Kitkat Shake

It is not that only adults will be attending your party, is it? Some of your relatives, friends, or neighbors may bring along their kids, and hence, being a good host, you must consider their eating and drinking references, too. So, kids love chocolates the most, and they can never say no to them, whether they are in solid or liquid form.

You can set up a table of KitKat shakes for them so that the kids can have them when they start to feel thirsty after playing and running around the venue. Since this drink is cold, you can ask the makers not to add much ice to it as children may get sick. 

7] Watermelon Punch

This is one of the best and healthiest drinks for both kids and adults that you can consider adding to your next party. Well, this is especially suitable if you are organizing a summer-themed party because watermelon is rich in water and perfect for day parties. Adding a big container of cold watermelon juices with soda, mint, and ice added in it will make it a cold and refreshing drink to be served at the parties.


So, these are some of the delicious treats that are perfect to be added to any upcoming party or occasion that is going to be held at your home. From egg salads to stuffed potatoes to KitKat shakes, you can add all the tantalizing foods, beverages, and drinks to the platter and let your guests enjoy the party. These creative and healthy food ideas are one of the important aspects to make your celebration unforgettable and worthwhile.

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