Best Software for Keeping Track of Employees

Best Software for Keeping Track of Employees 2024

There are so many employee monitoring tools that it can be very confusing to choose the best ones. You need the right tool for your projects and team to ensure that work gets done quickly, safely, and regularly. In this article has picked some of the best software for monitoring employees.

Best Employee Tracking Software 2024


Controlio offers a comprehensive suite of features tailored to streamline workforce management. With an intuitive interface and robust functionality, the employee tracking software system simplifies time tracking, attendance management, and productivity analysis. Its seamless integration capabilities ensure smooth synchronization with existing HR systems and tools. Customization options allow businesses to adapt Controlio to their unique workflows and requirements.


ActivTrak is software that monitors your employees. Its helpful dashboards give you a complete picture of their performance and output changes over time. The weekly summary can help you focus on the areas where certain team members are having trouble in one-on-one coaching meetings. They can also help you monitor your workers’ progress to see how well their action plans work and make necessary changes.


Connecteam is software for managing employees and getting work done as a team. Their software lets you monitor your team’s productivity by having your field-based workers fill out online forms and checklists while working away from the office. The GPS-based time clock feature also lets you track where your workers are and how much work they do. Field managers can use the mobile app to review forms, see how many have been filled out, and share important files with team members and owners.


Hubstaff gives users specific reports that help them determine their productivity and where they can plan to improve. Hubstaff is a unique software that lets you monitor your workers’ work in real-time by managing their time and keeping track of their work hours. Their software for monitoring your workers gives you detailed reports on how they work and spend their time, which lets you figure out how productive they are. Specific productivity reports can help you find project and workplace bottlenecks, speed up work, and make more money. You can also use Hubstaff reports to see if employees hit their work metrics and goals. If they aren’t, you can start coaching and training sessions to help them do better.


Veriato lets managers see an in-depth look at how productive their workers are.

Workforce behavior analytics company Veriato helps businesses monitor and study what their employees do on computers, tablets, and phones. They have a simple interface that is easy to set up and change. They have a lot of features, such as activity logging, screenshot capture, keystroke logging, web activity monitoring, and linguistic mood analysis.


Kickidler is software that helps companies monitor their employees and make the workplace run more smoothly. It lets managers see what their employees are doing without stopping what they’re doing. Their software also has a unique tool called a “quad splitter,” which works like a splitter in a CCTV system. It lets you show unlimited employee desktop screens in a grid to see your whole team simultaneously. Their program also works on GNU/Linux systems, Windows, and Mac computers.


We hope you will find our list useful. With the best tools for monitoring your employees, you can reduce wasted time and complete projects on time. Check here for final ranking. You’ll help your workers reach their full potential and ensure the organization’s success as a whole.

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