Bubblebee Malaysia Menu & Price (Updated 2023)

Bubblebee Malaysia Menu & Price (Updated 2023)

Hi foodies! Are you there in search of Bubblebee Menu Malaysia? If yes, then you are at the right place. In this post, we have uploaded a complete Bubblebee Malaysia menu with the latest price. The menu and prices are taken from the official sources of Bubblebee Malaysia.

Bubblebee Menu 2023

We can categorize Bubblebee Menu Malaysia as follows:

  • Popular
  • New
  • Pasta & Rice
  • Spaghetti Pasta
  • Ice Cream Series
  • Friz B
  • Float Beverages
  • Milk Series
  • Beverage
  • Refreshing Series
  • Ice Blended
  • Smoothies

Let’s explore them in detail:

Mango Smoothie12.90 MYR
Golden Series Ice Cream 19.80 MYR
Chocolate 12.90 MYR
Crunchy Chocobee18.10 MYR
Buttermilk Mac & Cheese13.80 MYR
Korean Mac & Cheese13.80 MYR
Popular Dishes Menu

New Menu

Nasi Lemak14.20 MYR
Nasi Lemak Chicken/Beef Rendang19.40 MYR
Bubblebee Menu - New

Bubblebee Malaysia Pasta & Rice

Korean Mac And Cheese 13.80 MYR
Buttermilk Mac & Cheese13.80 MYR
Beef Lasagna16.90 MYR
Bubblebee Malaysia Pasta & Rice

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Bubblebee Spaghetti Pasta Menu 

Chicken Rendang Pasta18.10MYR
Beef Rendang Pasta 19.40 MYR
Bubblebee Spaghetti Pasta Menu

Ice Cream Series

Mini Golden Series Ice Cream12.90 MYR
Mini Golden Chocobee14.20 MYR
Golden Series Ice Cream 19.70 MYR
Toffee Golden Series Ice Cream23.70 MYR
Black Series Ice Cream 14.05 MYR
Honey Ice Cream11.35 MYR
Crunchy Chocobee18.10 MYR
Toffee Honey Ice Cream 16.90 MYR
Chocolate12.90 MYR
Golden Chocolate 18.40 MYR
Ice Cream Series (Bubblebee)

Bubblebee Friz B Menu

Passion Fruit Friz B11.85 MYR
Peach Mint Friz B11.85 MYR
Red Apple Friz B 11.85 MYR

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Bubblebee Malaysia Menu – Float Beverages

Mango Float13.65 MYR
Strawberry Float 13.65 MYR

Bubblebee Milk Series Menu

Chocolate Brownies 18.30 MYR
Caramelized Honey Golden Pearl 16.80 MYR
Diamond Pearl Honey Milk 16.90 MYR
Black Pearl Honey Milk 12.80 MYR
Matcha Honey Black Pearl 16.80 MYR
Roasted Oolong Milk Tea12.80 MYR


Bubblebee Mineral Water 2.00 MYR

Bubblebee Malaysia Refreshing Series Price

Blue Lagoon13.80 MYR
Honey Lemon 11.20 MYR
Cranberry 11.20 MYR
Strawberry 11.20 MYR
Mango 11.30 MYR
Diamond Mango Pearl14.50 MYR

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Bubblebee Ice Blended Price

Signature Toffee Cream Ice Blended 25.65 MYR
Double Chocolate Ice Blended 20.70 MYR

Bubblebee Malaysia Smoothies

Mango Smoothie 12.90 MYR
Blueberry Smoothie 12.90 MYR
Strawberry Smoothie 12.90 MYR

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Is Bubblebee Malaysia Halal?

Yes, Bubblebee Malaysia is a halal-certified restaurant.

Bubblebee Malaysia Locations and Opening Hours 

Bubblebee Malaysia has more than 60 locations all over Malaysia

All the information there in this post is based on the following official sources of Bubblebee Malaysia:

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