Burger King Malaysia Menu Price (Updated 2023)

Burger King Malaysia Menu Price (Updated 2023)

Hi foodies! Are you there in search of Burger King Menu Malaysia? If yes, then you are at the right place. In this post, we have uploaded a complete Burger King Malaysia menu with the latest price. The menu and prices are taken from the official sources of Burger King Malaysia.

Burger King Menu Malaysia

We can categorize Burger King Menu Malaysia as follows:

  • Chicken
  • Premium Selection
  • Breakfast
  • Whopper
  • Beef
  • Fish
  • Side
  • Salads & Veggies
  • Desserts
  • Beverages

Let’s explore them in detail:

Burger King Chicken Menu

Crisp and chick9.90 MYR
Tender Mushrooms With Grill18.90 MYR
Medium Tender Mushroom Grill22.40 MYR
Large Tender MushroomGrill 24.40 MYR
Value Meal Tender Crisp20.50 MYR
Chicken Fried23.90 MYR
Burger King Chicken Meals

Premium Selection

Supreme Salmon19.30 MYR
Large Value Salmon23.80 MYR
Tender Crisp Supreme19.00 MYR
Burger King Malaysia Premium Selection Menu Price

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Burger King Malaysia Menu – Breakfast

Mushroom Chick15.80 MYR
Cheesy Onion Meal9.81 MYR
Swiss Beef with Mushroom16.40 MYR
Swiss Chicken with Mushroom15.80 MYR
Breakfast Deals Price


Large Whopper24.50 MYR
Medium Whopper22.50 MYR
Whopper18.00 MYR
Large Cheese Whopper28.50 MYR
Medium Cheese Whopper25.50 MYR
Burger King Whopper Meals

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Burger King Malaysia Beef Meals

Beefacon with Double BBQ18.40 MYR
Beefacon with single BBQ13.90 MYR
Double Swiss Mushrooms18.40 MYR
JR Whopper11.50 MYR
Single Swiss Mushroom13.90 MYR
Beef Options (Burger King Malaysia)

Fish Meals

Crisp and Fish10.90 MYR
Large Crisp and Fish15.40 MYR
Small Crisp and Fish18.40 MYR
Burger King Fish Menu Price

Burger King Side Menu

Loaded Fries With Cheese6.50 MYR
Fried with Cheese8.50 MYR
Medium onion Rings5.90 MYR
Fried Chicken8.90 MYR
Large Onion Rings8.50 MYR
Medium French Fries5.90 MYR
Side Offers

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Burger King Price – Salads & Veggies

Salads5.90 MYR
Mushroom Burger6.50 MYR
Salads & Veggies option (Burger King)


Apple Pie4.90 MYR
Pineapple pie4.90 MYR
Banana Pie4.90 MYR
Hershey Pie8.90 MYR
burger king dessert menu

Burger King Beverages Price

Sprite4.51 MYR
Coca- Cola4.51 MYR
Grape Fanta4.51 MYR
Beverages Price List

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Is Burger King Halal?

Yes, Burger King Malaysia is a halal-certified restaurant.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What Are The Popular Menu Items Of Burger King Malaysia?

Chicken Royale, The Big King, and Whopper are some most sought-after meals offered by Burger King outlets in Malaysia.Does Burger King Malaysia Have Any Vegetarian Options?

Burger King Malaysia has a few vegetarian options, including Veggie Whopper and the Garden Salad.Does Burger King Malaysia Have Any Gluten-Free Options?

Burger King Malaysia offers gluten-free meals, such as French Fries and the Apple Pie.Can I Deliver Food From Burger King Malaysia?

You can deliver your favorite meal from Burger King Malaysia through Foodpanda, Grab Food, or Deliveroo.

Burger King Outlets Location & Opening Hours

There are more than 120 outlets of Burger King in Malaysia with the opening hours:

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday (11:00 AM To 12:00 PM)

All the information there in this post based on the following official sources of Burger King Malaysia Menu:

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