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Chagee Menu (Updated 2024)


In the heart of Yunnan, a province known for its lush landscapes and rich tea culture, a new brand has taken the stage — Chagee. This China-Chic tea beverage brand stands out in the bustling market with its commitment to natural ingredients, specializing in fresh milk tea and an array of pure and fruit tea selections. For tea aficionados and curious newcomers alike, Chagee promises an experience that’s as authentic as it is innovative. Let’s delve into the essence of Chagee’s menu that not only tantalizes the taste buds but also tells the story of its Yunnan roots.

The Essence of Chagee: A Blend of Tradition and Modernity

The Essence of Chagee

Chagee prides itself on a seamless blend of traditional Chinese tea culture and modern lifestyle choices. The brand encapsulates the ancient wisdom of Yunnan’s tea-making techniques while catering to the contemporary desire for healthy and refreshing beverages. This marriage of old and new is evident in every cup served, making Chagee’s menu a novel experience for tea lovers.

The Chagee Menu: An Ode to Quality and Freshness

Chagee’s menu is a testament to quality and freshness, with a keen focus on delivering a sensory journey through its offerings. Here is an overview of what you can expect from their diverse selection:

Pure Tea Collection

Tea TypeDescriptionHealth Benefits
Yunnan Dian HongA luxurious black tea with a malty tasteAntioxidant-rich
Green Jade TeaRefreshing and mellow green teaBoosts metabolism
Silver Needle WhiteA delicate white tea with floral notesImproves digestion

Fresh Milk Tea Selection

Tea TypeDescriptionHealth Benefits
Classic Yunnan Milk TeaThe perfect harmony of Yunnan black tea and milkBone strengthening
Jasmine Milk TeaAromatic jasmine infused with creamy milkStress relieving
Matcha Milk TeaRich and frothy, with a deep umami flavorEnhances concentration

Fresh Fruit Tea Assortment

Fresh Fruit Tea Assortment
Tea TypeDescriptionHealth Benefits
Passion Fruit Green TeaA tangy and refreshing choice with real fruit piecesRich in Vitamin C
Peach Oolong TeaA fruity blend with the depth of OolongAids in weight management
Berry Black TeaA sweet and tart tea with a berry mixBoosts heart health

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Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) of Chagee

Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) of Chagee

Chagee sets itself apart from competitors with several USPs:

  1. Locally Sourced Ingredients: Chagee’s commitment to using local, fresh ingredients ensures a smaller carbon footprint and promotes sustainability.
  2. Authentic Yunnan Tea Leaves: The use of authentic tea leaves from Yunnan gives a distinct flavor profile that cannot be replicated elsewhere.
  3. No Artificial Additives: Staying true to natural flavors, Chagee’s menu is free from artificial colors and flavorings.
  4. Customizable Options: Recognizing individual preferences, Chagee offers customizable sweetness and ice levels.

Why Choose Chagee? The Health and Lifestyle Benefits

Choosing Chagee isn’t just about indulging in a cup of tea; it’s about embracing a healthier lifestyle. The antioxidants found in their pure teas support overall well-being, while the fresh milk teas offer a source of calcium. Moreover, the fresh fruit teas provide a nutritious alternative to sugary soft drinks, appealing to health-conscious consumers.

The Chagee Experience: More Than Just a Beverage

Visiting a Chagee store is an experience in itself. The ambiance reflects the modern Chinese aesthetic, blending tranquility with urbanity, making it a perfect spot for social gatherings, work, or solitude. The meticulous preparation of each beverage, where customers witness the infusion of tea leaves with milk or fruit, adds an element of theatre to the Chagee experience.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Chagee isn’t just about selling tea; it’s about contributing positively to society and the environment. The brand is committed to sustainable practices, from eco-friendly packaging to supporting local tea farmers in Yunnan. This sense of responsibility resonates with a clientele that values ethical consumerism.

Culinary Pairings and Recommendations

Chagee’s teas pair wonderfully with a variety of foods. For instance, the robust Yunnan Dian Hong can complement spicy Sichuan dishes, while the Peach Oolong Tea goes well with light pastries. For those who prefer a healthy snack, the Berry Black Tea can be paired with nuts or a fresh salad.


Chagee is more than just a tea brand; it’s a cultural emissary from Yunnan, offering a sip of China’s rich tea heritage blended with the demands of modern life. The diverse menu, focused on natural and fresh ingredients, caters to a variety of palates and dietary preferences. With its eye on sustainability and a commitment to the authentic tea experience, Chagee invites tea enthusiasts and novices alike to explore the nuanced world of tea with a contemporary twist. Whether you’re seeking health benefits, a burst of flavor, or a peaceful moment, Chagee’s menu has something special for everyone. So, immerse yourself in the flavors of Yunnan and discover the charm of Chagee.

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