Change-Up Your Look With Luvme Hair Layered Cut Wigs

A layered look should be on your list of options if you want a new look that can make you more alluring and confident. It’s a simple and effective way to be part of an illustrious trend. The catch is that you can get something that suits you irrespective of your face shape or skin tone.

Luvme Hair is among the best places to get high-quality human hair layered cut wigs. You can get them in short, medium, and long. The brand also has many other top-notch wig types and accessories you can check out.

This article will educate you on changing your looks with Luvme Hair’s layered cut wigs. You’ll understand what they are, their benefits, and how to wear them to enhance your appearance.

What are Layered Cut Wigs?

Layered cut is the name of a style in which the hair is in varying lengths across your head. This effect helps you get an equal balance of long, short, and medium hair and the benefits that come with them. Layered-cut wigs are a decent way to make your hair appear longer or fuller than they appear.

A layered cut wig is a wig with a layered cut. It encompasses all kinds of wigs that can come in a layered cut: frontals, closures, full-lace, headbands, or other wigs. All these wigs have different benefits and can change your looks differently. Therefore, wearing layered wigs can be more complex than you imagine.

Layered-cut wigs can be synthetic or human hair, but Luvme Hair’s are made from 100% human hair. It ensures that they feel more natural and enhances the lightweight nature of the style. You can also get them in different colors, lengths, and densities.

What are the Benefits of Layered Cut Wigs?

1.    It’s Lightweight

Manufacturers cut some hair on the wig off to ensure you achieve a layered look. While the wig looks beautiful, the presence of less hair also means that it’s more lightweight and more convenient to wear for a long time.

2.    It Adds Volume to the Hair

Buying a high-density wig can be a bad option if the volume is concentrated at the back of your head. A layered cut wig will bring that voluminous look to the front of your face and the side of your head to ensure that it frames your face and gives you the look you want. The presence of less hair on the wig also helps enhance movement.

3.     It’s Adorable

The primary aim of most wig styles is to ensure that they make you look as beautiful as you want. While some do that perfectly, others miss and don’t stand the test of time among women and fashion enthusiasts. However, a well-made layered cut wig is too beautiful to ignore and will enhance your prominent facial features while making your outfit look better.

Short Vs. Long Layered Cut Wigs?

A short layered cut wig is anyone that is 8-14 inches long. The sizing is arrived at by measuring the longest strands in the wig.

A long layered cut wig is any that’s longer than 20 inches. It can be as long as possible and still be considered a long-layered wig. Some brands classify those longer than 26 inches as extra-long layered cut wigs. However, it’s unlikely that you’ll find a 26-inch natural hair layered cut wig, let alone longer ones.

In between short and long layered cut wigs are the medium-length wigs. These lengths aren’t too long, nor too short. However, they give a different styling effect than long and short-layered wigs.

The one you should choose depends on what you intend to achieve. A short wig should be your option if you want a simple, convenient, and stylish hairstyle that gives you a youthful look. Long layers are the flowy type that makes you instantly noticeable and the center of attention. Medium-length layers are in-between and can give you both the feel of long or short layers, depending on how you style it.

How to Style Your Layered Cut Wigs?

Layered cut is the generic name for the different kinds of layers. You can explore these different kinds or even make them yourself. One of the most common is the face-framing layers.

You can also explore the choppy-short layers for a bold and adventurous look. Messy wavy layers are another style popular among women who aren’t scared to wear a daring style. A layered wig with bangs is another popular style that can look beautiful on almost anyone.

Who Can Wear Layered Cut Wigs?

Anyone can wear layered wigs if you know how to select the right one. Human hair wigs can be expensive, so you should consider all the crucial characteristics during selection.

Your face shape, skin color, personal preference, and budget should play massive roles in your selection. You’ll get the perfect layered wig if you can make the most or all of these factors.

Aged women aren’t left out of the mix too. A layered wig with bangs is renowned for a reinvigorating youthful look. Even kids can wear layered cut wigs to enhance their look.

What are the Types of Luvme Hair Layered Cut Wigs?

As mentioned earlier, there are different kinds of layered cut wigs. However, most of Luvme Hair’s layered-cut wigs are lace wigs like frontals and closures because it makes them appear more natural. You can get them in a 13×4 lace front wig, 4×4 closure lace wig, 5×5 closure wig, and minimalist lace wigs.

Go for a frontal lace wig if you want a unit that’ll give you a natural hairline and styling versatility. Closure wigs are also decent for getting a natural hairline, but the lace area is more restrictive, and therefore, you get fewer styling and parting possibilities than a frontal.


Many ladies appreciate layered-cut wigs more because of their beauty and easy-to-use nature. You can change your look with them in many ways, such as alternating between different lengths or exploring the styling options. Maintaining the layered cut is also central to getting the best look out of the wig.

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