Difference Between Network and Non Network Hospital

Many people of us are not well aware of network and non-network hospitals. If you want to get the right healthcare then you need to know about these hospitals. Hospitals that are listed and have cashless facilities are called network hospitals. On the other hand, non-network hospitals are billed after spending.Currently, medical expenses are increasing very much which is not possible for people to bear. So such expenses can be covered through health insurance. There are many things to consider when you decide to get health insurance. It is very important to know the list of network hospitals and non-network hospitals while getting health insurance. So you need to know the difference between network and non network hospital.

Explain the difference between network and non network hospital

Network hospitals are associated with health insurance and these hospitals provide co-operation with the insurer. Network hospitals are included in the list of insurers when taking out insurance.  Network hospitals have a contract with the insurer that covers medical care. Hospitals with which insurers contract directly are called network hospitals. So, the one with which your health insurance company has a contract is the network hospital. So you get cashless medical benefits through network hospitals when you get admitted to a hospital for your medical care.

Non-network hospitals are referred to as general hospitals. A type of hospital that has no contract with the insurer and is not obligated to provide health care to the insurer. Hence, non-network hospitals are not listed in the health insurance list. Also, insurers do not get any kind of support from these hospitals. Remember, a non-network hospital never provides cashless treatment to individuals.

We know that health insurance companies have a wide network of hospitals. But in some areas, some hospitals are left out of this network. A country has a large number of hospitals and medical centers so health insurance companies cannot contract with all these hospitals. However, the reputed clinics and leading hospitals of the country are contracted to the list of health insurance companies.

Formalities in Network Hospitals and Non Network Hospitals

There are various types of documents to be submitted in order to be admitted to a network hospital. This hospital collects all kinds of documents before providing healthcare. Besides, there is a need to wait for a long process to receive health services. Insured must use a health insurance card for emergency admission to network hospitals. There is a number on the health insurance card with the help of which you can avail this service very easily.

On the other hand, no insurance card is required for admission to a nonnetwork hospital. Also, you do not need to submit your insurance documents. All expenses incurred after admission to a non-network hospital will be borne by you. The biggest advantage of non-network hospitals is that you get to pay all the charges after receiving the services. Nonnetwork hospitals require out-of-pocket expenses so individuals quickly end up in debt. So understand that a health insurance plan plays a much more important role for those who have financial problems.

By understanding the advantages and disadvantages of network and non-network hospitals we can be covered under a suitable health insurance policy. In 2024 you should take a health insurance policy to save your health care expenses.


Hopefully, you have read the above content very well. By comparing the gap between a network and a non-network hospital you can decide to take the right health insurance policy. With the increasing rate of morbidity in India, this health insurance will make a significant contribution to everyone. In case of taking health care of any member of your family, choose the hospital in the network list and take the insurance policy.

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