Discovering Malaysia’s 7 Best Christmas Cake Bakers: A Guide

Cakes have a magical way of enhancing the memory of every occasion. If you’re planning a Christmas party soon, it could be helpful to know which cake delivery service is the best in Malaysia. Our team has researched and compiled a list of Malaysia’s top online Christmas cake delivery services to save you time and effort. In the interest of your convenience and the quality of your Christmas celebration, we have reviewed the seven top Christmas cake bakeries in Malaysia.

We hope this information is helpful in your search for a reliable cake delivery service in Malaysia. Moreover, a wide variety of cakes are available at these shops now, and you may personalize the cake design to your preference.

Frost and Flourish Bakers

Sophia Foo, the owner of Frost and Flourish, is a home baker who creates delectable cakes. It is quite remarkable how this home-based baker turns her cakes and other delicacies into amazing pieces of art. From vibrant macarons to fresh flowers and cakes topped with delicious strawberries and creamy chocolate bits, her creations never fail to please.

You need not search any further than “Frost and Flourish” for your 2024 Christmas party. When it comes to cakes, they are the best in Malaysia. Place your cake order today!

Cake Together Bakers

A passion for desserts and celebrations is the foundation of Cake Together. A wide number of local bakers have come together with them to provide you with hundreds of mouth-watering cakes. Among their delicious bestsellers, you’ll find the Nutella Crunch, Plum Cake, and Salted Caramel Cake. We also provide convenient add-ons like flowers and balloons for Christmas celebration orders. 

Our top pick for cake delivery in Malaysia goes to Cake Together, thanks to their flexible delivery options and an extensive selection of delicious cakes.

Kek & Co Bakers

Farah Melissa and Satira Diana both owned successful baking companies before joining Kek & Co. Their decision to form Kek & Co., a partnership that would bring their respective skills and interests together, came much later. Their innovative Unicorn cakes, complete with fondant wings, are popular with buyers.

Make this Christmas one to remember by ordering a wonderful cake from Kek & Co. Your relatives and friends rave over the Celsius cake and want you to make more.

Cake Tella Bakers

It could be difficult to stand out from the crowd of Christmas cake delivery services in Malaysia, but one particular shop has no such issues. The delicious fruit cakes that Cake Tella is known for are what set them apart. Their unusual whiskey ice cream cakes and chocolate cakes are sure to be a hit at any celebration. Coated in a coating of tasty matcha powder, these whisky-infused chocolate cakes are sure to please anybody who enjoys extras. 

So, if you want a rich pastry flavored with alcohol for your Christmas celebration, you really must try Cake Tella.

The Ship Patisserie Bakers

The Ship Patisserie is a home bakery that Baker Jet started. They specialise in personalized macarons, Christmas cakes, and other sweets. Rather than simply decorating cakes with flowers, Jet goes above and beyond to showcase her love and skill in cooking.

To elevate your holiday festivities, simply place an order with “The Ship Patisserie.” You won’t regret it. They ranked among Malaysia’s best bakeries. 

M Cake Boutique Bakers

For really unforgettable celebrations, visit M Cake Boutique for a selection of cakes that are sure to delight you. The cakes they make are a fusion of French and Japanese pastry techniques, and they look like masterpieces. Consider the Plum Cake if you’re in the shops for a lovely Christmas treat. A beautiful structure with a collection of dry fruits on top gives the dessert a mouthwatering appearance.

If you want a cake made with high-quality ingredients, then “M Cake Boutique” is the place to go. So, make this year’s Christmas special. 

Raindough Desserts Baker

Raindough Desserts is famous for Christmas personalized cakes. Their cakes are a reflection of their love for nature, colorful patterns, modern art, and all things lovely. Whether it’s a wedding, engagement, birthday, or any other type of celebration, this cake shop helps you plan the perfect celebration. 

“Raindough Desserts” is the top online dessert shop, so impress your sweetie with their wide variety of delicious cakes. When looking for a cake online in Malaysia, this is the best option to choose.

Lastly, these online cake shops have everything you need, including both personalized and readymade Christmas cakes.  So, you just need to wait for delivery after choosing the right cake and customizations. Hence, enjoy the holiday season with your loved ones while enjoying a delicious Christmas treat.

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