Everything You Should Know About CapCut Creative Suite

It is essential to adapt to the latest technologies to make your photos and videos stand out. Especially, emerging technologies such as AI are playing a splendid role in content creation. A lot of viral photos and videos that you see on the internet are created by using AI-based editors. One of such editors is CapCut Creative Suite which is an online suite to transform photos and videos. With its online photo editor, online video editor, free templates, and watermark-free downloads, you can create amazing content. 

The best thing about this creative suite is that it is available online and doesn’t require any premium payments or fees. Instead, you just need a device with internet to start enjoying its incredible features for transforming your photos. Go through this article to explore more about its features along with learning the steps to use it. 

What Features Creative Suite Offers?

To your surprise, this creative suite offers all the premium features of an incredible editor for getting professional photos and videos. From converting ordinary photos/videos to professional ones, it possesses all the premium features that are all free to use. Let’s have a look at some of the main prevailing features that this fantastic suite brings for you.  

Online Video Editor

One of the main components of this Creative Suite is its online video editor. This online editor is equipped with all the features to edit and create stunning videos for personal or professional use. From changing backgrounds to adjusting colors and adding captions, it supports everything. Moreover, you can also add beautiful and smooth transitions among different video scenes using this editor. There are so many other options that you can use in your videos to give them an artistic look with beautiful aesthetics. 

Online Photo Editor 

The other main component of this creative suite is its photo editor which is available online. Here, you will find all the premium features to make remarkable edits to your photos. You can also optimize the photo colors, add a new background, remove the existing one, and add beautiful photo effects. Besides, you can also use powerful slogans or brief descriptions using text effects on this editor. 

Watermark Free Downloads

One of the most mesmerizing features of this incredible Creative Suite is that it allows watermark-free downloads. You can edit, transform, and download as many photos as you want without bothering any of the editor’s watermarks. It offers you full authority and credit for editing your photos and doesn’t print any watermarks. 

No Cost

The most impressive feature of using this Creative Suite is that it is free to use. It doesn’t ask for any payment nor does it ask for sharing any financial details. For example, you won’t be asked to share your credit card details to register your account. Similarly, you will not have to share your bank account or any such confidential information here for editing your content. 

Cloud Backup 

To save your files, there is a proper cloud backup facility that you must use. Whenever you edit a photo or a video using this incredible Creative Suite, save your files to the cloud. In this way, you can preserve them with you forever and would never have to worry about losing them. 

Files and Team Management 

In addition, this Creative Suite is the most distinctive one with an outstanding experience for files and team management. You can edit your files here, save them, manage them, and share them here with your team members. You can also manage your teams here by assigning them different roles and hence, work in collaboration with each other. 

Magic Tools Make Everything Easier

There are no complex editing tools or extensively long editing processes in this editor. Instead, the presence of magic tools e.g. text to speech free converter, which are AI-based simply the transformation processes. Hence, it not only relieves the pressure of editing the photos and videos perfectly but also creates a fun experience. 

Free Personal and Commercial Templates

Getting free templates for commercial, professional, or even personal use is such a big challenge. Either those templates are paid or even if they are free, they aren’t worth using as free templates are not so impressive. However, this amazingly beautiful Creative Suite creates the most delightful experience for its users by allowing them to use free templates. Yes, all of its premium and basic templates are free and are created with great aesthetics to inspire others. 

Safe and Secure

There is no risk or privacy threat to your photos and videos on this editor. It has the strongest privacy, safety, and security measures that protect your data against any such negative incidents. 

How to Use CapCut Creative Suite?

Curious to figure out how to use this super incredible editor for transforming your photos and videos? Look at the following steps and use them to make dramatic transformations. 

Step 1: Signup

Visit CapCut’s official website and click on “Online creative suite” which you can find under the “Tools” category, then you will be redirected to the creative suite page. On its main page, you will see the “Open CapCut” button on top. Click on this button, create your account, and sign in via your Google, TikTok, or Facebook account.

Step 2: Upload

If you are here to transform your photos first, click on the online photo editor. Otherwise, choose the online video editor if you want to start by editing some videos first. Then, use the upload button in your editor’s workspace and upload the relevant file here. You can also drag that file i.e. photo or video, from your computer and drop it here on the editor. 

Step 3: Edit

In this step, you will now edit your photos and videos to make them look more interactive and sparkling. Identify the weak areas in your photos or videos that need immediate touch-ups. Then, apply the same measures first and see what else it needs to look more stunning. For example, replace the background on your photo/video if it is making it look dull. Similarly, optimize or adjust the colors if the existing colors are affecting its aesthetics poorly. Besides, there are lots of free-to-use frames, stickers, elements, shapes, themes, templates, effects, filters, and so much more. Feel free to use as many features and tools as you want to create the most inspiring transformations on this editor. 

Step 4: Download

In the end, navigate to the Export button and click on the download. Your final photo or video will be downloaded to your device. If you want to transform more photos and videos, repeat the same steps.  


Using the CapCut Creative Suite for transforming your photos and videos is the best choice. Not only does it offer a great number of free tools such as color optimization, background removal, etc. but also assures results. By using this editor, you can turn your dull videos and photos into the ones that speak up for themselves! So, let’s take benefit of this free-to-use online suite and transform your content now to rock the world!

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