Facebook Business Verification Greyed Out/Not Visible - What to Do?

Facebook Business Verification Greyed Out/Not Visible – What to Do?


Facebook Business Verification is a crucial step for businesses looking to utilize advanced features on Facebook and WhatsApp, such as WhatsApp Marketing Messages. However, a common issue that businesses encounter is the verification button being grayed out or not visible.

This article provides a guide to address this issue and how Message Central’s WhatsApp Now can be a game-changer in leveraging Facebook and WhatsApp for business.

Understanding the Issue

The grayed out or invisible Facebook Business Verification button can be a roadblock for businesses. This typically happens due to incomplete business details or issues with the Facebook for Developers account. Resolving this is key for accessing tools like WhatsApp Marketing Software.

Steps to Resolve the Greyed Out Verification Button

Check Business Details: Ensure all your business information in the Facebook Business Manager is complete and accurate. This includes the business name, address, contact information, and website.

Create a Facebook for Developers Account: Use the same email address for the Facebook for Developers account as your Business Manager. This helps in syncing the accounts.

Verify Your Email Address: Make sure your email address is verified in the Facebook for Developers account.

Linking the Developer Account to Business Manager: After creating a dummy app in the Developer account, link it to your Business Manager. This step is often overlooked but can be crucial in enabling the verification button.

Compliance with Facebook Policies: Ensure your business complies with all Facebook policies. Non-compliance can lead to verification issues.

Some Key Aspects to Consider

One crucial aspect to focus on is the importance of document clarity and accuracy. Facebook requires high-quality, legible documents for verification. All submitted documents must be in high resolution, fully visible, not cropped or edited, and should be scanned in superior quality to ensure clarity. It’s essential that the documents reflect the legal name of the company exactly as entered in the business settings on Facebook.
Any discrepancy between the documents and the information provided in the business settings can lead to rejection of the verification request. Therefore, it’s vital to double-check that these details match perfectly.

Another common issue is related to the business phone number and address. The documents provided must include a business phone number and address that are both complete and for business use.
If Facebook encounters any inconsistencies or incomplete information in these aspects, the verification process may fail. Also, if the submitted documents are in a language not supported by Facebook, or if they are unclear or unreadable due to poor quality, this can lead to the rejection of the application.

Furthermore, problems with receiving the verification code can occur. If you are not receiving the code via email, it could be due to email filters blocking emails from Facebook.
Adding “facebookmail.com” and “fbworkmail.com” as safe senders and checking your spam folder can resolve this issue. For phone verification, ensure that someone is available to receive the call and that the line is not busy or being forwarded to an answering machine.

Lastly, it’s important to verify your website’s ownership. The website must be active and clearly associated with the company, and the domain of the website should match the email domain used in the verification process.

Navigating and Maximizing Facebook Business Verification

Advancing Post-Verification

Once the issue with the grayed out or invisible Facebook Business Verification button is resolved, it’s time to harness the benefits of this verification. This section guides you on leveraging the verified status for your business’s growth, especially in the realms of Facebook and WhatsApp marketing.

Utilizing Verified Status

Explore Advanced Features: With verification, access advanced features on Facebook and WhatsApp, such as targeted advertising and in-depth analytics and a personalized WhatsApp broadcast.

Leverage WhatsApp Business API: Post-verification, you can utilize the WhatsApp Business API, a pivotal tool for enhanced customer interaction and automated messaging systems.

Implement Strategic WhatsApp Marketing: Use your verified status to embark on strategic WhatsApp marketing campaigns. Plan and execute targeted marketing initiatives, utilizing features like automated WhatsApp Marketing Messages.

With Facebook Business Verification in place, Message Central’s WhatsApp Now becomes an invaluable asset. This sophisticated WhatsApp Marketing Software is designed to streamline communication and marketing efforts on WhatsApp.

Enhanced Customer Engagement: Use WhatsApp Now to engage customers through automated and personalized messaging.

Efficient Campaign Management: Manage and analyze your WhatsApp marketing campaigns effectively, ensuring higher engagement and better ROI.

Broaden Reach and Connectivity: Leverage the platform to connect with a broader audience, utilizing WhatsApp’s extensive user base for your marketing efforts.


Successfully resolving the Facebook Business Verification issue opens a multitude of opportunities for businesses in digital marketing and customer engagement.
By effectively using platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp and tools like Message Central’s WhatsApp Now, businesses can significantly enhance their digital presence and customer interaction strategies.

WhatsApp has become the go to channel for marketing, though RCS, for which you sometimes receive sent as SMS via server, will still pose a tough competition.

Harness the full potential of your business’s online presence by exploring the capabilities of WhatsApp marketing and customer engagement with Message Central’s WhatsApp Now. You can simply signup for free or talk to the Message Central team for any custom needs.

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