Hindu Philosophical Concepts in Malay Literature – How Translation Helps In Its Propagation?

Hinduism is a very diverse religion. There are many sects whose beliefs differ from each other but in the end, they all believe in God. Though their definition of God transcends to plural entities, but yes, they do believe in a power that is above and beyond all creations. Hinduism has a very deep impact on the Malay language. This is why you often find the extensive need for Malay translation services in the Hindu culture, where non-Malay speakers vouch for translation from Malay to English or any other language for their understanding.

In this short read, we are going to talk about especially the Hindu philosophical ideas that have a keen impact on the Malay language and literature as a whole. Other than that, we also discuss how a professional translation company helps in this understanding of Malay literature. So delve into this excerpt and see what exciting information awaits you.

Influence of Hinduism on Malay Culture

Hinduism is a religion that is the true supporter of polytheism. It means that Hindus believe in many gods and deities and they follow them in accordance with their beliefs and sects. You might wonder what is the relationship between Hinduism and Malay culture when Malay is the official language of Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Brunei. Well, you might not know this but there are more than 1.78 million Malay speakers who are staunch followers of Hinduism.

Religion has a deep effect on Malay speakers which is also evident in their culture. There is an extensive use of the Sanskrit language in Malaysian writings. As well as the festivals that Malay celebrate are the same as the ones that Hindus celebrate. Festivals like Diwali and Holi are an integral part of Malay culture. Even the buildings in Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia resemble those of Hindu temples and traditional buildings.

Hindus residing in India especially look out to the Malaysian celebration of these events. It is these Hindus from whom Malay speakers take inspiration. With the help of a professional translation company, these Malay speakers get to know more about the Hindu culture via their religious books.

Malay Literature – What is it Based On?

As language has a direct impact on culture and literature, the same happens with Malay literature. The effect of the Malay language is evidently present in its literature. This literature is based on Hindu epics, Ramayan and Mahabharat. One thing that you might not know is that these epics are the oldest forms of literature present on our planet. They are not just Hindu literature epics rather they are the first ever written epics that are as old as the Epic of Gilgamesh.

This literature consists of concepts of the Hindu religion. It is due to the Malay translation services that Malay speakers know so much about the Hindu religion as well as they translated these religious books in their own language.

What are the Hindu Philosophical Concepts in Malay Literature? Role of Translation Its Propagation

It is not just Hindu traditions and some religious concepts that Malay literature consists of. This literature also comprises the core Hindu philosophical concepts that are a permanent part of almost every sect of Hinduism. So let’s discuss those concepts.

Cyclical Nature of Existence

In Malay epics, there is the term Samsara. It refers to the cyclical existence of all living organisms. In simple terms, it means that there is a circle of existence where living organisms go through birth, death, and then rebirth. Malay literature is home to these concepts whereas through religious books this concept is heavily portrayed.

The Concept of Karma

Karma is one of the strongest philosophical concepts that not only Hindu religion but different other religions like Islam, Christianity, and Judaism preach about. Karma means that whatever you do, either good or bad, you will in return get the same. It refers to the deeds that you perform, especially those that have a direct effect on other living species. There is a concept in Hinduism that if you do nice things, you will be reborn as a nice entity, either a fairy or a pious human. But if you do bad deeds, you will be reborn as a dog or an insect.

What is Moksha?

Moksha is the liberation from the cycle of rebirth or in other words reincarnation. Malay literature consists of guides and books on the matter of moksha. Here it teaches people how to get into spirituality and escape from this cycle.

Wrapping It Up!

Malay literature consists of Hindu philosophical concepts that directly relate to both the Indian and Malay cultures. With the help of Malay literature, Hindus get more knowledge of their religion as Malay is one of the oldest languages. The adaptation of Hindu religious books Ramayan and Mahabharat and, also present in the Malay language. The core Hindu concepts of Karma, Moksha, and the cyclical nature of existence are what Malay culture is heavily based on. This is why this culture has such a strong exertion on spirituality. As spirituality is what saves people from the cycle of reincarnation.

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