KFC Malaysia Menu & Price

KFC Malaysia Menu & Price (Updated 2023)

Hi foodies! Are you there in search of KFC Menu Malaysia? If yes, then you are at the right place. In this post, we have uploaded a complete KFC Malaysia menu with the latest price. The menu and prices are taken from the official sources of KFC Malaysia.

KFC Menu 2023

We can categorize KFC Menu Malaysia as follows:

  • Limited Time Only
  • Family Buckets
  • Box Meals
  • Chicken
  • Twister And Burger
  • Tenders And Nuggets
  • Kids Meal
  • KFC ADD-ON Sides
  • Beverages

Let’s explore them in detail:

KFC Limited Time Only Menu

Banana Chocolate Balls (5 Pieces)7.49 MYR
Golden Matcha Balls (5 Pieces)9.49 MYR
Extra Spicy And Crispy Meal26.49 MYR
Extra Spicy And Crispy (2 Pieces)(Combo)19.49 MYR
Extra Spicy And Crispy (3 Pieces)(Combo)25.49 MYR
Extra Spicy And Crispy (6 Pieces)(Combo)50.49 MYR
Extra Spicy And Crispy (10 Pieces)(Combo)84.49 MYR

KFC Limited Time Only Meals

Menu KFC Family Buckets

Variety Box C93.60 MYR
Variety Box B78.60 MYR
Variety Box A58.60 MYR
15 Pieces Combo 99.99 MYR
9 Pieces Combo 68.99 MYR
5 Pieces Combo 42.99 MYR
10 Pieces Celebration Bucket 85.99 MYR
12 Pieces Celebration Bucket 74.99 MYR
6 Pieces Celebration Bucket 50.49 MYR
kfc bucket

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KFC Prices – Box Meals

Twister Box 21.49 MYR
Snacker Box12.99 MYR
Cheezillia Box27.49 MYR
Stacker Box 25.49 MYR
Cheesy Zinger Box21.99 MYR
Colonel Stacker Box20.49 MYR
Classic Classic Box17.49 MYR
Classic Signature Box21.49 MYR
O.R. Cheesy Burger Meal21.99 MYR
O.R. Cheesy Deluxe Box 22.99 MYR
Golden Egg Crunch Box Meal25.49 MYR
kfc menu

KFC Menu Price – Chicken

15 Pieces Chicken 91.99 MYR
9 PiecesChicken 56.30 MYR
5 Pieces Chicken 33.49 MYR
3 PiecesChicken 20.49 MYR
2 PiecesChicken 14.10 MYR
Without Drink Snack Plate15.99 MYR
Without Drink Dinner Plate20.49 MYR
1 Pieces Rice (Combo) 13.49 MYR
2 Pieces Rice (Combo)17.99 MYR
1 Piece Nasi Lemak (Combo) 15.49 MYR
Nasi Lemak Combo Zinger Fillet 17.49 MYR
2 Pieces Nasi Lemak (Combo)  19.99 MYR
Snack Plate (Combo) 17.99 MYR
Dinner Plate (Combo)22.49 MYR
2 Pieces Golden Egg Crunch (Combo) 19.49 MYR
3 Pieces Golden Egg Crunch (Combo)24.49 MYR
KFC Chicken Menu Price in Malaysia

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KFC Price Menu – Twister And Burger

Combo Cheezy Twister 17.99 MYR
Cheezilla Zinger 20.49 MYR
Stacker Zinger 18.99 MYR
Colonel Stacker10.99 MYR
Colonel Stacker11.99 MYR
Classic Colonel 8.49 MYR
Classic Zinger13.49 MYR
Cheezilla Zinger (Combo)24.49 MYR
Stacker Zinger (Combo)22.49 MYR
Cheezy Zinger (Combo)18.49 MYR
Colonel Stacker (Combo)15.99 MYR
Classic Colonel (Combo)13.49 MYR
Classic Zinger (Combo)16.99 MYR
O.R. Cheesy Burger (Combo)18.49 MYR
O.R. Cheesy Deluxe (Combo)18.49 MYR
Golden Egg Burger15.49 MYR
Golden Egg Burger (Combo)18.99 MYR
Twisters and Burgers (KFC Malaysia)

KFC Tenders And Nuggets

Crispy Tenders Combo B20.49 MYR
Crispy Tenders Combo A19.49 MYR
Nuggets (6 Pieces) 10.49 MYR
Nuggets (9 Pieces)14.49 MYR
Spicy Nuggets (6 Pieces)10.49 MYR
Crispy Tender Combo A14.49 MYR
Nuggets (6 Pieces)(Combo) 15.49 MYR
Nuggets (9 Pieces)(Combo) 18.49 MYR
Spicy Nuggets (6 Pieces)(Combo) 15.49 MYR
Spicy Nuggets (9 Pieces)(Combo) 18.49 MYR
KFC Malaysia Menu (Tenders and Nuggets)

KFC Malaysia Kids Meal

Kid Meal Set D13.99MYR
Kid Meal Set C12.99 MYR
Kid Meal Set B12.99 MYR
Kid Meal Set A12.99 MYR

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KFC Malaysia Add-on Sides Menu

White Face Mask 5.90 MYR
Life Chili Sauce5.90 MYR
Hard-Boiled Egg4.00 MYR
Sambal Sauce 2.49 MYR
Kari Atuk3.50 MYR
Spicy BBQ Sauce2.00 MYR
Mustard And Smoke Sauce2.00 MYR
Onion Sauce With Sour Cream2.00 MYR
Dipidaps Dip8.00 MYR
Butterscotch Bun0.90 MYR
5 Pieces Of Golden Matcha2.00 MYR
Medium Wedges4.99 MYR
Large Wedges6.80 MYR
4 Oz Coleslaw3.99 MYR
14 Oz Coleslaw8.49 MYR
Potato Whipped 4 Oz3.99 MYR
14 Oz Potato Whipped8.49 MYR
Crisper Fries Medium4.99 MYR
Crisper Fries Large6.80 MYR
Chicken PoPiecesorn12.49 MYR
Colonel Rice3.70 MYR
Nasi Lemak3.70 MYR
Loaded Potato Bowl7.49 MYR
Cheesy PoPiecesorn Bowl7.49 MYR
5 PiecesCheese And Spinach PoPiecesorn6.99 MYR
5 Pieces Shrimp Nuggets 9.49 MYR
5 Pieces Banana Chocolate Balls 7.49 MYR
5 Pieces Golden Matcha9.49 MYR

KFC Beverages Menu

White Coffee (Hot)5.70 MYR
Mango Peach Sjora (Small)4.99 MYR
Zero Sugar Coca-Cola (Large)4.99 MYR
Iced Milo (Small)5.70 MYR
Mango Peach Sjora (Medium)5.99 MYR
Minute Maid Refresh Orange (Medium)5.99 MYR
Fanta Strawberry (Large)4.99 MYR
Earth And Heaven Ice Lemon Tea (Medium)5.99 MYR
Iced Milo (Medium)6.80 MYR
Fanta Strawberry (Large)5.70 MYR
Sprite (Large)5.70 MYR
Coca-Cola (Large)4.70 MYR
Zero Sugar Coca-Cola (Medium)5.70 MYR
Fanta Strawberry (Medium)4.70 MYR
Sprite (Medium)4.70 MYR
Coca-Cola (Medium)4.70 MYR
Coca Cola (Medium)4.70 MYR

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Is KFC Malaysia halal?

Yes, KFC Malaysia is a halal food chain in Malaysia.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are The Different Types Of Food That Are Available On The KFC Malaysia Menu?

Family Bucket, Burgers, Nuggets, Twisters, Combos, etc., are some food options available in all KFC outlets in Malaysia.What Are The Best Deals On The KFC Malaysia Menu?

Box meals are economical options one can opt for while ordering Food or dining from KFC in Malaysia.How Can I Order From KFC Malaysia Menu?

You can order Food from KFC Malaysia directly from the official website or food delivery apps such as Foodpanda and Grab Food.Does KFC Malaysia Menu Have Kids’ Meals?

Yes, Malaysian KFC outlets have kids’ meals, including KIDS MEAL A, KIDS MEAL B, KIDS MEAL C, and KIDS MEAL D.Is The KFC Malaysia Menu Gluten-Free?

None of the KFC Malaysia Menu is gluten-free. If you have a gluten allergy, KFC Malaysia is not your desired place.

KFC Malaysia Outlets Location & Opening Hours

There are almost 750 outlets of KFC in Malaysia, and their opening hours are: 

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday (10:00 AM To 10:00 PM)

All the information there in this post is based on the following official sources of KFC Malaysia:

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