Launch From the Starting Line With New Drag Tires

Launch From the Starting Line With New Drag Tires

Every upgrade you make to increase your performance on the line makes an important contribution to your final time. That’s why setting up a drag car is its own special way of building a custom automobile, and it’s why you need to invest in performance designs that are not just for racing, but specifically for drag racing if you want to succeed.

What Sets Drag Tires Apart

Your standard street tire is designed to work under uncertain conditions at common speed limits, which means they are not built to operate under the forces and heat levels produced by track events. Racing tires of all kinds are built from a slightly different material formulation than road tires for this very reason. Both standard racing slicks and drag tires rely on the material becoming tacky as it heats up without losing structural integrity for maximum contact area and traction.

Additionally, drag tires are designed for off-the-line acceleration and control over long-distance performance, making them slightly different from standard racing slicks. Some options even have enough tread for DOT approval and enough contact area for competitive drag racing.

Radials or Traditional Slicks?

Traditional racing slicks, including most drag tires, are built with bias-ply walls that provide a little more contact area with the pavement because they have a grooveless design. Drag radials are a little firmer because they have standard radial walls and a grooved contact surface.

While they are still formulated for track speeds and the heat levels produced, they are often constructed with just enough tread for DOT approval, allowing you to drive to the event in your event car without changing the tires at your destination.

DOT Approval

Racing slicks are not approved for street use in the United States because they lack several design features required by the Department of Transportation. Drag radials can be hit or miss, and that is why you need to check for DOT approval in the product documentation before placing an order if you are looking to get drag tires that are still street-legal. Just as your racing seats, restraints, lights, and mirrors need to be marked compliant, so do your tires.

Drag Wheels

If you are still running cast wheels and you’re investing in drag tires, it’s time to step it up to forged wheels that have the extra strength and durability to keep up with your vehicle. Cast wheels are good under most circumstances, but over time some sections can become brittle when exposed to high forces like the sudden acceleration at drag events. Forged rims are the ideal choice for long-term durability if you are into heavy competition. They also give you the option of changing out of a set of street tires when you get to the event, allowing you to avoid pulling your car in while still investing in a pure drag tire.

Get the Tools You Need To Compete

Everyone needs to make on-site repairs and pre-event adjustments sometimes. Get the automotive tools and supplies you need for competition day from the same people you trust for the performance parts that put up your winning times. Make a supply order today so you are prepared at your next competition.

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