Mala Mala Malaysia Menu & Prices (Updated 2024)

Hi foodies! Are you there in search of Mala Mala Menu Malaysia? If yes, then you are at the right place. In this post, we have uploaded a complete Mala Mala Malaysia menu with the latest price. The menu and prices are taken from the official sources of Mala Mala Malaysia.

Mala Mala Menu 2024

We can categorize Mala Mala Menu Malaysia as follows:

  • Set Dishes
  • Customize your own Mala Set Meal
  • Side Dish
  • Beverages 

Let’s explore them in detail:

Mala Mala Set Dishes Price

Mala Vege Set A16.90 MYR
Mala Vege Set B16.90 MYR
Mala chicken Set A18.90 MYR
Mala chicken set B18.90 MYR
Mala beef set A18.90 MYR
Mala Beef Set B 18.90 MYR
Mala Seafood Set A22.90 MYR
Mala Seafood Set B22.90 MYR
Mala Mixed Set A19.90 MYR
Mala Lamb Set 18.90 MYR
Mala Mixed Set B19.90 MYR
Mala Mala Set Dishes Price

Mala Mala Menu – Customize Your Own Mala Set Meal

Customize set0.00 MYR
Mala Mala Menu - Customize your own Mala Set Meal

Mala Mala Malaysia Side Dish

Numcy Wings11.90 MYR
Salted Pepper Fried chicken wings 11.90 MYR
Fried Fish With Signature Sauce 18.00 MYR
Mala Mala Malaysia Side Dish


Hotya Pure Soy Milk 7.50 MYR
Hotya Almond Soy Milk7.50 MYR
Hotya Coca Soy Milk7.50 MYR
Hotya Pipa Pear Tea6.50 MYR
Hotya Goji Reddates6.50 MYR
Hotya Longan Winter Melon Tea6.50 MYR
Coke 4.50 MYR
Sprite 4.50 MYR
Beverages (Mala Mala)

Is Mala Mala Malaysia Halal?

Yes, Mala Mala Malaysia is a Halal-Certified restaurant.

Mala Mala Malaysia Locations & Opening Hours

Following is the Mala Mala outlet in Malaysia with location and opening hours:

IOI City Mall

Location: L2-14 2nd Floor, IOI City Mall, Ioi Resort, 43000 Putrajaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday (10:00 AM – 9:30 PM)

All the information there in this post is based on the following official sources of Mala Mala Malaysia:

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