Novae Future Tavern Malaysia Menu & Prices (Updated 2023)

Novae Future Tavern Malaysia Menu & Prices (Updated 2023)

Hi foodies! Are you there in search of Novae Future Tavern Menu Malaysia? If yes, then you are at the right place. In this post, we have uploaded a complete Novae Future Tavern Malaysia menu with the latest price. The menu and prices are taken from the official sources of Novae Future Tavern Malaysia.

Novae Future Tavern Menu 2023

We can categorize Novae Future Tavern Menu Malaysia as follows:

  • Hot Wok
  • Appetizer
  • Snack 
  • Main Course
  • Tortilla
  • Pasta In House
  • Coffee
  • Non-Caffeine
  • Tea
  • Honey
  • Juice
  • Virgin Mojito
  • Smoothie
  • Yogurt Smoothies
  • Soft Drinks

Let’s explore them in detail:


Novae Future Tavern Hot Wok Menu

Sambal Seafood Rice22.00 MYR
Sambal Seafood Rice22.00 MYR
Lemon Chicken Rice18.00 MYR
Sweet & Sour Rice (Chicken)18.00 MYR
Thai Chili Chicken Rice18.00 MYR
X.O. Fried Rice13.00 MYR
Sambal Fried Rice13.00 MYR
Garlic Fried Rice13.00 MYR
Novae Future Tavern Hot Wok Menu

Novae Future Tavern Menu – Appetizer

Garden Salad16.00 MYR
Caesar Salad18.00 MYR
Smoked Duck Roll20.00 MYR
Smoked Salmon Roll22.00 MYR
Novae Future Tavern Menu - Appetizer

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Novae Future Tavern Snack

Deep Fried Fish Finger28.00 MYR
Crispy Calamari Ring22.00 MYR
Buffalo Chicken Wing30.00 MYR
Crispy Tempura Prawn28.00 MYR
Crispy Fried Onion Ring17.00 MYR
Crispy Potato Wedges17.00 MYR
Garlic Toast Baguette15.00 MYR
Nachos Chachos18.00 MYR
Tempura Nugget17.00 MYR
Truffle Fries17.00 MYR
Novae Future Tavern Snack

Main Course

Grilled Chicken Chop26.00 MYR
Parmigiana Chicken28.00 MYR
Grilled Salmon48.00 MYR
Fish & Chip38.00 MYR
Crispy Chicken Chop26.00 MYR
Braised Lamb Shank68.00 MYR
Braised Beef ShortRib68.00 MYR
1/2 Roasted Chicken38.00 MYR
Main Course (Novae Future Tavern)

Novae Future Tavern Malaysia Tortilla, Burger & Sandwich

Wagyu Beef Burger52.00 MYR
Crispy Chicken Sandwich35.00 MYR
Parmigiana Burger38.00 MYR
Chicken Fajitas33.00 MYR
Novae Future Tavern Malaysia Tortilla, Burger & Sandwich

Novae Future Tavern Menu – Pasta In House

Meatball Pasta26.00 MYR
Risotto Al Funghi28.00 MYR
Smoked Duck Carbonara Pasta26.00 MYR
Bolognese Pasta26.00 MYR
Pasta Aglio – Olio18.00 MYR

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Novae Future Tavern Coffee 

Americano10.00 MYR
Latte13.00 MYR
Flat White13.00 MYR
Caramel Macchiato13.00 MYR
Mocha15.00 MYR
Caramel Machiato15.00 MYR

Non-Caffeine Meals

Vanilla13.00 MYR
Chocolate15.00 MYR
Matcha Latte18.00 MYR
Rose Latte18.00 MYR

Novae Tea Prices

Green Tea10.00 MYR
Jasmine Tea10.00 MYR
Chamomile Tea10.00 MYR
English Breakfast10.00 MYR
Lemongrass Ginger10.00 MYR

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Novae Future Tavern Malaysia Honey

Honey Water10.00 MYR
Honey Lemon13.00 MYR
Honey Milk15.00 MYR

Novae Malaysia Juice 

Passion Fruit With Orange15.00 MYR
Grapefruit With Apple15.00 MYR
Sour Plum Juice15.00 MYR

Virgin Mojito Items

Honey Mojito18.00 MYR
Blueberry Mojito18.00 MYR
Mango Mojito18.00 MYR

Novae Malaysia Smoothie Prices

Honey Strawberry Smoothie20.00 MYR
Mint Chocolate Smoothie18.00 MYR

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Novae Menu Prices – Yogurt Smoothies 

Honey Yogurt Smoothie18.00 MYR
Coconut Yogurt Smoothie18.00 MYR
Blueberry Yogurt Smoothie21.00 MYR
Mango Yogurt Smoothie18.00 MYR
Lychee Yogurt Smoothie18.00 MYR

Soft Drinks 

Coke9.00 MYR
Sprite9.00 MYR
Tonic8.00 MYR
Soda Water8.00 MYR
Ginger Ale8.00 MYR

Is Novae Future Tavern Malaysia Halal?

Yes, Novae Future Tavern Malaysia is a halal-certified restaurant.

Novae Future Tavern Malaysia Outlets Location & Opening Hours

Following is the 1 Novae Future Tavern outlet in Malaysia with location and opening hours:

Sunway Damansara

Locations:  2, Jalan PJU 3/48, Sunway Damansara, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday (12:00 PM – 10:30 PM)

All the information there in this post is based on the following official sources of Novae Future Tavern Malaysia:

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