Oriental Kopi Menu

Oriental Kopi Menu (Updated 2023)

Coffee is not just a beverage; it’s a global phenomenon that transcends cultures and borders. In the Oriental context, ‘Kopi’ refers to a traditional style of making and enjoying coffee, particularly in Southeast Asia. The Oriental Kopi menu is a testament to the region’s love affair with coffee, offering a unique blend of traditional recipes and modern adaptations.

Understanding Oriental Kopi

Before diving into the menu, it’s crucial to understand what sets Oriental Kopi apart. Kopi is traditionally brewed using robusta beans, which are known for their strong flavor and higher caffeine content compared to arabica beans. The brewing process often involves a ‘sock’ – a cloth filter that is used to steep the coffee. The result is a thick, full-bodied brew that is often sweetened with condensed milk.

The Menu Explained

Classic Kopi Selections

Classic Kopi Selections


The traditional kopi is a strong and sweet brew, often complemented with condensed milk. The bold flavors of the robusta beans shine through, creating a rich and satisfying cup.

KopiTraditional robusta brew with condensed milk$2.00
Kopi-OBlack coffee with sugar$1.80
Kopi-CCoffee with evaporated milk and sugar$2.20


Tea is also a popular choice, prepared with the same attention to detail as kopi. Teh Tarik, or “pulled tea,” is a favorite for its frothy top, a result of the “pulling” process that involves pouring the tea back and forth between two containers.

TehTraditional brewed tea with condensed milk$1.80
Teh-OBlack tea with sugar$1.60
Teh-CTea with evaporated milk and sugar$2.00

Modern Twists

Modern Twists

Kopi Frappe

A cold and refreshing take on the traditional kopi, blended with ice and sometimes flavored syrups, catering to a more modern taste and perfect for the tropical climate.

Kopi FrappeIced blended coffee with condensed milk$3.50
Mocha FrappeIced blended coffee with chocolate flavor$4.00
Caramel FrappeIced blended coffee with caramel syrup$4.00

Flavored Kopi

Adding a contemporary spin to the classic kopi, these beverages incorporate flavors like hazelnut, vanilla, and caramel, appealing to the adventurous coffee lover.

Hazelnut KopiCoffee with hazelnut flavor$3.00
Vanilla KopiCoffee with a hint of vanilla$3.00
Caramel KopiCoffee sweetened with caramel$3.00

Artisanal Brews

Artisanal Brews

Single-Origin Kopi

For those who appreciate the nuances of coffee, single-origin selections from local farms highlight the distinct characteristics of the beans from various regions.

Sumatra Single-OriginEarthy and herbal notes$3.50
Java Single-OriginFull-bodied with a hint of chocolate$3.50

Cold Brew Kopi

Cold brew takes on a new dimension with kopi, offering a smoother, less acidic beverage that’s perfect for sipping throughout the day.

Classic Cold BrewSteeped for 12 hours, served black$3.50
Sweet Cold BrewSweetened with condensed milk$4.00

Coffee Accompaniments

No kopi menu would be complete without a range of bites that complement the coffee experience. From sweet to savory, these snacks are integral to the Oriental kopi ritual.

Kaya Toast

A quintessential accompaniment, kaya toast is a delightful treat made with coconut jam and butter sandwiched between toasted bread.

Kaya ToastToast with kaya and butter$2.50
Peanut Butter ToastToast with peanut butter$2.00

Pastries and Cakes

Various pastries, from egg tarts to pandan-flavored cakes, provide a sweet balance to the robust flavors of kopi.

Egg TartPastry filled with custard$2.00
Pandan CakeSoft, fluffy cake with pandan flavor$2.50

Healthier Alternatives

For health-conscious customers, the menu can offer a selection of organic and sugar-free options.

Organic Kopi

Brewed with organic robusta beans, this kopi caters to those looking for a purer coffee experience.

Organic KopiOrganic coffee with condensed milk$2.50
Organic Kopi-OOrganic black coffee with sugar$2.30

Sugar-Free Options

Sugar substitutes like stevia can be used to sweeten the drinks for those avoiding sugar.

Sugar-Free KopiCoffee with sugar substitute$2.20
Sugar-Free TehTea with sugar substitute$2.00

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The Oriental Kopi menu offers an enticing journey through the flavors and traditions of the East. It’s a fusion of time-honored practices and modern tastes that continues to evolve, keeping the coffee culture alive and thriving. Whether one is in the mood for a comforting cup of classic kopi or a contemporary flavored frappe, the menu caters to all desires, always promising a delightful coffee experience.

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