Protective Packaging: Unveiling the Complete Solution

Protective Packaging: Unveiling the Complete Solution


In the ever-evolving landscape of commerce, where the safety and integrity of products during transit are paramount, the role of protective packaging cannot be overstated. Advanced Protective Packaging stands at the forefront of this crucial domain, offering bespoke solutions that encompass a diverse range of materials and techniques. This article delves into the intricacies of protective packaging, exploring the comprehensive solutions provided by Advanced Protective Packaging.

Benefits of Protective Packaging Solutions

The Complete Solution: Reducing Development Time

Your journey from product conception to delivery is streamlined with Advanced Protective Packaging’s complete solution. They offer not only the design of protective packaging but also the supply of cartons and fitments. These components, where possible, are provided free of charge and are prepared to work in unison, reducing development time significantly.

Simplified Sourcing and Stock Control

By providing a complete package – including cartons, boxes, and fitments – Advanced Protective Packaging simplifies sourcing, purchasing, and stock control for businesses. This integrated approach ensures a cohesive and efficient process, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations.

Boxes and Cartons: Tailored to Perfection

A Full Range of Options

Advanced Protective Packaging takes pride in offering a full range of corrugated boxes, cartons, and other products in various FEFCO styles. These can be plain or printed and are meticulously made to fit specific products. Notably, the company refrains from carrying standard-sized or recycled boxes, emphasizing their commitment to meeting customer needs precisely.

Direct Manufacturer Benefits

Being a manufacturer, Advanced Protective Packaging brings several advantages to the table. Clients benefit from keen pricing, with no middleman adding extra percentages to the costs. Additionally, communication becomes quicker and more straightforward as clients deal directly with the manufacturer. The company extends its offerings to customized tapes, adding a personal touch with names, logos, or messages.

Optimal Design for Best Value

Advanced Protective Packaging doesn’t just provide cartons but excels in creating corrugated boxes designed to work seamlessly with the supplied fittings. This approach ensures an optimum design, avoiding both under and over-specification. The result is the best value for money, a critical consideration in the world of protective packaging.

The Importance of Integrated Design: A Cost-Efficient Approach

When evaluating packaging requirements, considering the synergy between carton and fitments is paramount. Using separate suppliers for these components might lead to suboptimal results. Advanced Protective Packaging emphasizes the importance of designing these elements together, enabling a trade-off for optimal protection at a lower cost. This integrated design approach prevents over-specification, reducing costs without compromising protection.

FEFCO Standards: Ensuring Precision and Clarity

FEFCO, an international organization recognizing hundreds of carton and box styles, plays a pivotal role in ensuring industry standards. Advanced Protective Packaging adheres to these standards, providing clear measurements and descriptions recognized by corrugated manufacturers. This commitment prevents misunderstandings, such as confusing dimensions like width and height, and enhances precision in packaging solutions.

Diverse Materials for Protective Packaging Solutions

Nomafoam: A Resilient Polyethylene Cushioning Foam

Nomafoam, a resilient polyethylene cushioning foam, is a flagship product in Advanced Protective Packaging’s arsenal. Extruded directly to shape, it offers a cost-efficient protective packaging solution with various densities and shapes. The company’s expertise in adapting standard products to unique customer needs sets them apart, with a range of options available in the standard blue color, or custom colors for larger usages.

Plastazote and Zotefoam: Versatility in Packaging

Plastazote and Zotefoam find prominence in applications where a spectrum of colors and a smooth finish are as crucial as cushioning and protective properties. Ideal for multi-use packaging, these high-density closed-cell foams excel in applications such as drawer lining, display supports, and archival storage. Advanced Protective Packaging’s complete service includes supplying boxes, cartons, and Plastazote fitments, ensuring a harmonized and cost-effective packaging design process.

Polyethylene Foam: Assured and Repeatable Performance

Polyethylene foam packaging stands out for its ability to deliver assured and repeatable performance, ensuring the safe arrival of goods. As a cross-linked foam, it is suitable for general protection, multi-trip packaging, and factory transit applications. Although more expensive than polystyrene, it provides reliable protection for expensive products, maintaining its efficacy even after multiple shocks. Advanced Protective Packaging’s expertise extends to various polyethylene foam trade names, including Ethafoam, Stratocell, Jiffycell, Polylam, Nopaplank, Nomafoam, Plaztazote, and Zotefoam.

Conclusion: A Legacy of Excellence in Protective Packaging

Established in 1986, Advanced Protective Packaging is more than a provider – it’s a family-run business with a legacy of excellence. From its roots in polystyrene packaging, the company has evolved to become a specialist in a myriad of materials, including foams and cartons. The acquisition of PK Sanders in 1999 expanded its capabilities, and today, it proudly offers an extensive range of products, ensuring a complete protective packaging solution.

Led by founder Brian Garsden and actively managed by son-in-law Mark Hollingsworth, Advanced Protective Packaging boasts a team of experienced professionals dedicated to exceeding customer expectations. The company’s success is rooted in its commitment to providing the best solutions for customer protective packaging needs. Constantly evolving to meet unique requirements, Advanced Protective Packaging stands as a beacon of reliability and innovation in the realm of protective packaging.

Embrace the legacy, embrace the excellence – choose Advanced Protective Packaging for all your protective packaging needs.

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