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When it comes to home improvements, one of the few questions that comes to mind is: should I replace the floor tiles or repair the existing ones? Well, as a homeowner, the decision to either replace or repair the flooring tiles depend, to a large extent, on the conditions of your floor.

The following factors will help you make the right decision between repair and replacement of your flooring tiles. As you also read further, you’d understand why buying closeouts from a large tile store, such as Kentucky Tile Closeouts, is worth it.

  1. Level of damage

Without doubt, the first factor to consider when deciding between repair and replacement for your floor tiles is “the level of damage on your floor”. To what extent is your home floor damaged? If only an area of your flooring, going for the repair option is better, as this will save you thousands of dollars. However, if the entire flooring is affected, going for replacement tiles is perfect. However, taking this move still depends on the cost of tiles and your budget.

  • For tenting issues, you can always decide to replace the tiles if the damage is extensive. However, if only a few tiles are affected, you can choose to repair only the affected area.
  • Cracks and chips are also very common in flooring tiles. It’s okay to repair cracked tiles if the damage is not extensive. However, if the tiles are chipped off, the better option is to replace them for safety and aesthetic reasons.
  1. Quick solution

Is your flooring damaged to the extent that you need a quick solution? This is especially true if the damaged floor is located in a heavily traffic area. In this case, even if you’re short on budget, you still need a quick solution to avoid costly safety problems in your home.

Since you need a quick solution, you can first go for the repair option. Later, when you have enough money, you can consider replacing the tiles with new and high-quality products.

  1. Looking to achieve a newer look

This factor is very common to homeowners that are relocating to older houses. To make your home look a lot modern and aesthetically appealing, you may need to change the design and flooring. In this case, you’ll need to replace the entire tiles with new flooring sheets.

Should you buy closeout tiles?

Should you buy from a regular tiles shop or go with Kentucky Tile Closeouts? These are the two options you have when it comes to replacing your tiles with new, modern products.

One big difference between these two options is that regular tile stores often focus on a large selection of tiles (especially those with new and latest designs). Interestingly, these tiles are often available in a wide range of colors, shapes, materials, and designs. 

Closeouts, on the other hand, are tiles that are available for sale at discounted prices. Well, there are a couple of reasons why these tiles are discounted. First, it could be because they are discontinued. Sometimes, stores also sell these items at discounted rates because they are overstocked or for clearance purposes.

Both regular stores and closeouts have their strengths and weaknesses:

  • You should go for a regular store if you need a very large selection of tiles with latest designs and little to no damage.
  • On the other hand, if you’re on budget and urgently need to replace or repair your floor tiles,  buying closeouts is ideal. You can save up to 80% of your money for other things with closeout items. One issue, however, is that you’ll only have to choose your preferred tiles from the limited available products. Another challenge with closeouts is that you may find damaged products.

If you need help finding a large tile store for closeouts, one shop you can visit in Lexington is Kentucky Tile Closeouts. This store offers high-quality and discount tiles that’ll surely meet your home improvement needs.

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