Top 5 Instagram Tools to Stalk Insta Stories

Instagram stalkers can be quite the nuisance, stealthily keeping tabs on your account. Some users safeguard their privacy by setting their accounts to private. Yet, for those with public profiles, stalkers can effortlessly monitor your every move. If you’re curious about who’s been peering into your Instagram life, Instagram stalker apps can help unearth these covert observers, even revealing their usernames so you can choose to block or restrict them.

mSpy – The Ultimate Instagram Stalking Tool

mSpy stands out as an Stalker Instagram app teeming with features designed to aid you in your Instagram sleuthing adventures. With the ability to install the app on your target’s phone, you can clandestinely observe their messages, calls, and more. It ranks among the finest free Stalker Instagram apps, allowing you to read Instagram messages and share links through Instagram Direct Messages.

Key Features:

  • Offers a user-friendly setup process for seamless Instagram tracking.
  • No need to follow the target on Instagram to read their messages.
  • Grants access to the target’s Instagram contact list.
  • Allows discreet monitoring of someone’s Instagram activity.

xMobi – Ideal for Tracking Online Status on Instagram

xMobi is an Instagram stalker app that empowers you to monitor various phone activities, such as phone calls, GPS location, and social media usage. This free Stalker Instagram app is not only handy for parental control but also for keeping an eye on your significant other across platforms like Instagram, Skype, and other social networks. It’s among the top Instagram spy apps that offer access to a device’s photo gallery.

Key Features:

  • Monitors GPS location, text messages, and phone calls.
  • Provides real-time or full access to the target’s Instagram account, depending on the device.
  • Offers responsive customer support.
  • Captures and delivers screenshots of the target’s Instagram activity.

Hoverwatch – Perfect for Screenshot-Based Instagram Snooping

Hoverwatch Stalk Instagram is a straightforward yet highly effective Instagram stalker app. Hoverwatch Stalk Instagram operates on a screenshot-based mechanism, periodically taking screenshots of on-screen activity and sending them to you. Additionally, Hoverwatch allows call recording, SMS tracking, and Instagram follower management. You can even take control of the target phone’s camera and capture images of its surroundings, complete with location information.

Key Features:

  • Access all received and sent direct messages on Instagram.
  • View shared links and follow requests.
  • Protects children from online threats, including predators and cyberbullies.
  • Provides access to the target device’s calendar and contacts.
  • Records SMS messages on the target device.

eyeZy – Great for Reviewing Time and Date Information

eyeZy Stalk Instagram is a user-friendly app designed to monitor a device and assist in Stalking Instagram. It offers a comprehensive record, from search history to Instagram text messages. Moreover, it alerts you when the target device is in use and enables you to inspect images and photos on Instagram.

Key Features:

  • Allows review of time and date information.
  • Provides access to the target person’s Instagram messages.
  • Tracks all keystrokes entered on the device.
  • Lets you locate and view saved multimedia files on the target device.
  • Offers essential information about the target devices in use.

FlexiSPY – Outstanding Customer Support

FlexiSPY Stalk Instagram is a top-tier Instagram stalker app that allows you to monitor Instagram and other social media activities on your target’s device. It excels in capturing both sent and received messages and securely uploading them to your online portal for later viewing. You can also keep tabs on Instagram stories sent or received as direct messages on the target’s phone.

Key Features:

  • Tracks user log-on/off activity.
  • Provides real-time access to Instagram messages.
  • Offers a dashboard for viewing entire message threads on your PC or on the go via the FlexiVIEW app.
  • Facilitates easy organization of favorite conversations for later perusal.
  • Helps eliminate unwanted or harmful content from the target device.


The world of Instagram stalker apps is vast, making the choice of the right one a challenging task. However, opt for reputable options like mSpy, xMobi, Hoverwatch, and eyeZy. These apps present top-notch plans with a slew of Instagram-specific features and compatibility across various platforms.

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