What Are The Most Popular Sports in Malaysia?

There is nothing that brings a nation together quite like sport – the cheer, the rush, and the angst of watching the finals can make even a grown man cry. The sports industry in Malaysia unites families and friends and fosters national camaraderie and pride. There are a variety of sports that are popular in Malaysia, and in this article, we’ll explore the top seven that captivate Malaysian fans. 

Sport is celebrated and revered in Malaysia, uniting the nation through the love of the game. Sports fans in Malaysia are both spectators and participants in the sport, with many watching, some playing, and plenty wagering on the games. Although there aren’t local bookmakers available due to complex laws, online sport betting in Malaysia is available through overseas sites, and it’s not illegal for Malaysians to place bets online, according to Hafiz Tan. As such, it’s become a popular hobby among sports fans. Tan confirmed that enthusiasts can bet on a variety of games and vents, from soccer to horse racing and even, on some platforms, eSports. 

Whether watching, playing, or wagering, one thing is certain – Malaysians are fond of sports. Let’s explore a few of their favorites now. 

Let’s Delve Deeper Into Seven Popular Sports in Malaysia

Malaysian culture is deeply rooted in sports. There is a fusion of traditional and Western sports games.

  1. Badminton was established in the 1950s. The most prominent player in the country to date is three-time Olympic silver medallist Lee Chong Wei. Badminton is a sport that brings joy to the nation of Malaysia. Tournaments are hosted annually and badminton events are followed religiously by Malaysians.
  2. Soccer was established in the 1920s. The most iconic Malaysian player to date is Soh Chin Aun. Soccer has grown to be a popular sport in Malaysia, and the most-watched sport in Malaysia is soccer. It has a massive viewership and dominates the entertainment space in the country. Soccer is a national treasure and has a loyal fan base of sports enthusiasts and bettors in Malaysia. 
  3. Field Hockey was established in the 1920s. The most prominent Malaysian player to date is Dharmaraj Ravindran. Although it’s not as popular as badminton or soccer, field hockey is a favorite for hockey fans and bettors in the country.
  4. Swimming was established in the 1950s. The most famous Malaysian swimmer is Olympic medallist Pandelela Rinong. The aquatic sport is highly competitive in the country, with a large following of loyal fans and bettors. 
  5. Cycling was first established in the 1900s. The most celebrated Malaysian cyclist to date is Josiah Ng. Cycling is a sport that promotes holistic well-being and physical fitness. Malaysia hosts the Tour de Langkawi professional cycling race annually which is attended by a large audience of supporters and punters.
  6. Volleyball was established in the 1950s. The most prominent famous Malaysian player to date is Chew Eng Soon. Volleyball is a dynamic and competitive sport that relies heavily on maneuvering the field and collaboration within a team. 
  7. Rugby was established in Malaysia in the 1890s. The most prominent Malaysian player to date is Saizul Hafifi Md Noor. Rugby is all about talent, team effort, hand-eye coordination, strength, and mental agility.


Malaysians have a great passion for watching, playing, and wagering in sports. A wide variety of sports are popular in Malaysia, including badminton, soccer, field hockey, swimming, cycling, and more. Malaysia’s sporting culture, including sports wagering, generates a large revenue each year. The popularity of sports in Malaysia has a positive impact on the economy and the sports market as a whole.  

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