What are the top 5 Odoo 17 Features for the Ecommerce Industries?

What are the top 5 Odoo 17 Features for the Ecommerce Industries?

If you have experience with e-commerce, you are most likely already familiar with Odoo and its abilities. Odoo is a famous open-source ERP and business enterprise software. The system as a whole is very flexible and strong because of the Odoo connectors. With the help of odoo development servicesyou can get personalized solutions. 

Odoo is getting a new edition called Odoo 17 in 2023. Odoo 17 offers a lot of latest capabilities and enhancements that would be beneficial for e-commerce businesses. Here are the top 5 Odoo 17 features for the e-commerce industries you should know:

What is Odoo 17 ERP?

Along with the announcement of the brand new Odoo 17 ERP package deal’s respectable launch date, a few new features and platform enhancements have been additionally made public. There could be extra UI/UX improvements in Odoo 17, and user interface previews are also now available. 

The new UI consists of different colorings and lovely iconography. There will soon be more attractive new features available, even though the user interface and experience have already undergone significant upgrades. These early looks at the upcoming Odoo 17 are just the start.

Important Odoo 17 Features for the e-commerce industries

There are a lot of Odoo 17 features that are useful for e-commerce industries, among them, five important features in odoo development are given here:

  1. New Interface

There will be a totally new Odoo 17 that is predicted to be certainly one of the biggest announcements. Odoo’s identity is being improved, and overall efficiency is being progressed with a redesigned User Interface (UI) targeted at improving user enjoyment for both customers and users. With Odoo 17, productivity is very important, and the updated user interface reinforces that yet again.

  1. Night Mode

Odoo 17 will sooner or later deliver a great deal of expected Dark Mode functionality, providing customers with a visually appealing exchange interface. Users can have a visually pleasing online experience with a darker shade scheme with the help of deciding on Dark Mode, which is good for low-light situations.

  1. Updated Search Results 

Odoo 17 seems to bring a redesign to look at perspectives as the location now sits inside the middle of the display. Additionally, more functionality has been introduced because combining phrases like “Filter,” “Group By,” and “Favourites” is much simpler. There is also a new “Search” tab, which would make searching less difficult and more accessible for customers.

  1. Updated capabilities in the Odoo catalog

A brand-new, practical feature in Odoo 17 will allow products to be added to sales orders straight from the catalog (kanban) view. With the catalog feature, users can also choose products, change the correct quantity, or even make real-time revisions to Sales Orders, all the way to the improved catalog view. This update can be easily integrated with your e-commerce business with the help of an odoo development company.

  1. Quick Links to Odoo PWA (Progressive Web Apps)

Odoo 17 would include Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and provide rapid access through shortcuts because the number of people using Odoo ERP on smartphones keeps rising. In order to enhance user experience and enable quick entry to essential apps, Odoo’s most recent update is predicted to consist of advanced functions. It includes where users build shortcuts to PWA on their smartphones.

Other important features of Odoo 17

You might also be interested in the following additional new Odoo 17 Features for the Ecommerce also:

  • Draggable popups: In Odoo 17, popups can also now be moved and rearranged, making workflow customization easier.
  • Sales catalog feature: You can now expand and preserve a virtual catalog of your products using Odoo 17’s sales catalog function.
  • Point of Sale: Odoo 17 Point of Sale’s new kitchen screen capability lets you show orders to your culinary people in real-time.
  • Raise hands in meetings: A new “Raise Hand” characteristic for Odoo 17 conferences permits attendees to raise their hands to suggest that they would need to speak or pose a question.
  • Enhanced search view: Odoo 17’s Search View has been more suitable for creating a more sturdy and person-friendly online shopping experience
  • Down payment invoices: For subscription orders, down fee invoices can be easily created. 
  • Mass cancellation of quotations: From the list view, you can pick out and delete various quotations at once.
  • Barcode manual entry: By hand, adding a barcode is possible now with Odoo 17
  • FIFO Product Costs: Based on the average price of the commodities that are in stock, FIFO products are priced accordingly.
  • Offline Message PWA: One can receive notifications from the Odoo PWA even when they are not offline.
  • Enhanced safety: Odoo 17 protects your data with numerous new safety features. These new safety measures will make sure that the user data is very safely stored.
  • Barcode sound and visual effects: If a barcode is scanned incorrectly, there will be an audible sound for indication. Correct recognition of the barcode occurs when it is acknowledged.
  • Statistics: The enhanced advanced search function facilitates more effective searches by selecting records from relevant data fields.
  • Integration features: Odoo 17 has a greater number of third-party application integrations than its previously launched versions.
  • Project access in a multi-company environment: If you utilize the Odoo features for multiple stores, you may make your tasks and projects available to everyone.
  • Improved Live Chat Flows: With the Odoo 2023 upgrade, you could significantly beautify your customer’s frontend experience. You can do it with the help of inviting them to a consultation, adding or removing operators, and providing extra accurate records on the channel page. New interface and backend themes, along with further usability improvements are also added.

Final thoughts

With odoo development services, e-commerce companies can make use of Odoo 17 update and will be able to prosper in a constantly changing online market. For those who are brave enough to just accept it, the convergence of creativity and functionality on this new release is expected to bring in a new period of growth, productiveness, and financial benefit. While the e-commerce gets growing, keep in mind that Odoo 17 is prepared to be your reliable companion as you navigate the thrilling and revolutionary road ahead.

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