What height does the wall-mounted dock need to be installed for A11 hero?

What height does the wall-mounted dock need to be installed for A11 hero?

For a long-lasting performance, storing and organizing the parts of your Tineco Vacuum is necessary. For this purpose, wall-mounted docking stations are available on the market. It’s like a breeze to install, but it’s challenging, and I need to know the perfect height, tools, and more. If you are stuck on this problem, this guide will help you. 

Let’s know more about the height of the wall-mounted dock to install at your home for the A11 Hero vacuum cleaner and the necessary information. 

What is a Docking Station for Vacuum Cleaners?

Tineco vacuums like Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 Smart Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner are not robot cleaners but are operated manually. The docking station is like a holding and managing platform for cleaners and their accessories. 

They are made to help the users, conveniently handle everything, and come at affordable prices. The latest cleaners have a docking system by default in their construction. Clean with the Tineco (whatever model you have) and store it on the wall-mounted docks. 

Why wall-mounted? The reason is that wall-mounted docking for cleaners helps reduce space usage and is easy to install without disturbing other appliances. Moreover, it prevents the cleaner from interacting with water, etc.

Height of Tineco Vacuum Wall-mounted Dock

According to the instructions in the A11 Hero manual, the wall-mounted dock should be installed around 4 feet from the ground (123 cm). The height can be adjusted further according to your choice. Remember that the vacuum cleaner’s brush doesn’t touch the ground after hanging.

How to Install the Wall-mounted Dock for Tineco Machine?

It’s pretty easy to install the wall-mounted dock for the A11 Hero vacuum cleaner. The following steps work for other models, too. Strictly follow the instructions to prevent any issues. 

Step 1: First, bring out the dock and check how many screws it has. 

Step 2: Keep it on the wall and mark the holes with a marker. 

Step 3: Drill the holes. 

Step 4: Insert the plastic anchors into the holes. 

Step 5: Place the dock aligned with the holes and insert the screws one by one. 

Step 6: Tighten each screw, and it’s all done. 

Important: Make sure the position of the dock station is vertically aligned. Hand the cleaner properly after using it. 

A Few Tips

Let’s share some important tips before selecting the wall-mounted dock for your Tineco vacuum cleaner. 

  • Compatibility is the paramount. Make sure the selected wall mount is compatible with your Tineco model like A10 Her, A11, etc. 
  • The dock should be manufactured from a high-quality material like plastic or aluminum. Usually, these brands use plastic docks. 
  • Always follow the right instructions and read the manual carefully before installing the mounting hardware. 
  • Adjustability is important. Always adjust the brackets, arms, and wall anchors properly. 
  • If you are using a cordless vacuum cleaner, make sure to check the voltages, amperes, and charging compatibility to match the rated voltages of the vacuum cleaner. 
  • Always check the reviews and ratings of the wall mount. 
  • Always buy the original Tineco wall-mounted docks to prevent issues like compatibility, performance, and longevity. 

Benefits of Wall-mounted Docs

Check out some important benefits of this product. 

  • It’s a space-saving product and doesn’t require an additional stand or something else to hang the vacuum cleaner. 
  • It’s good to keep the hardware organized. 
  • It is convenient and suitable for several models, but it doesn’t allow the handle or other parts to break. 
  • It keeps the things protected from any damage. 
  • It can work like a charging station if you attach the cords. The latest Tineco models come with a dock and charging station in the same product. 


To sum up, the height to hang the Tineco wall-mounted dock is about 4 feet. It’s good to check the height of the cleaner before mounting it to prevent further issues. You can place the cleaner and dock on the wall and keep the height around 6 inches to 1 foot about the ground. Always mount it with the help of screws (not the nails) so that you can easily change its location if needed. We hope you will find the information helpful regarding this. 

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