Work Somewhere New Everyday With Custom Virtual Backgrounds

Work Somewhere New Everyday With Custom Virtual Backgrounds

Variety is the spice of life, especially when you work remotely. You can change your virtual background as often as you like to appear in the setting of your choice on camera. Some of the best Microsoft Teams backgrounds include custom virtual offices, scenic backgrounds or cozy scenes. Find out more about the most popular types of virtual backgrounds and learn how to customize backgrounds that you can use everyday.

At the Office

Virtual offices are the most obvious choice of backgrounds for remote workers. When you want to project a professional appearance, you can choose from office Zoom backgrounds free or upgrade for access to one or more premium office backgrounds.

Just because you want to appear in an office setting does not mean that you have to pick a single boring background. Choose from virtual offices with stylish decor inspired by international cities and color palettes that range from bold to minimalist.

In addition to style, you should also factor in the apparent function of your virtual surroundings. A conference room background can encourage other participants to offer contributions, while other virtual offices direct attention towards your camera feed for delivering presentations. 

At the Beach

A scenic beach background is a more casual choice for video calls and conferences. When you want to appear in a more relaxing environment than any office, beach backgrounds or other Zoom backgrounds that feature exotic destinations can be a fresh choice. 

You may want to consider whether you prefer a more realistic-looking beach background or simply choose the most beautiful surroundings. Office backgrounds for Zoom can look more realistic than landscape scenery. 

A beach background may not be the best choice for a formal meeting or conference. If looking professional is your top priority, you may prefer to use a free or premium virtual office background. You can still choose from background designs that range from casual to formal to find the perfect setting for any virtual occasion.

At Home

When you work at home, you may still prefer to use virtual backgrounds. Some remote workers invest a lot of time and money in staging their home office so that it is camera-ready. Even with a lot of preparation, it can still be easy to overlook details that end up distracting other participants in video calls or conferences.

A virtual background makes it possible for you to focus entirely on the purpose of a meeting without worrying about the appearance of your real-world surroundings. You can choose a background design with a more comfortable or home-like setting if you prefer to appear in a casual environment.

Virtual office backgrounds are popular among remote workers because these customizable scenes make it easy to look professional regardless of your location. Scenic or cozy backgrounds can be ideal for casual conversations, while conference rooms invite participation and offices provide a more formal setting. Start by customizing a free virtual office background or upgrade to gain access to premium virtual office backgrounds that you can use everyday.

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