Zero O’Clock Malaysia Menu & Prices

Zero O’Clock Malaysia Menu & Prices (Updated 2023)

Hi foodies! Are you there in search of Zero O’Clock Menu Malaysia? If yes, then you are at the right place. In this post, we have uploaded a complete Zero O’Clock Malaysia menu with the latest price. The menu and prices are taken from the official sources of Zero O’Clock Malaysia.

Zero O’Clock Menu 2023 

We can categorize Zero O’Clock Menu Malaysia as follows:

  • Polo Bun
  • Fried Snacks
  • Waffle
  • Hand Brew
  • Signatures
  • Milk Form
  • Brown Sugar
  • Espresso
  • Non-Coffee
  • Ade Series
  • Milk Series
  • Smoothies
  • Yogurt
  • Frappe
  • Desserts
  • Our Favorite Items

Let’s explore them in detail:

Zero O’Clock Menu – Polo Bun

Ice Cream Polo Bun9.74 MYR
Cheese Polo Bun8.53 MYR
Scrambled Egg Polo Bun9.14 MYR
Butter Polo Bun9.14 MYR
Golden Polo Bun7.31 MYR
Zero O’Clock Menu – Polo Bun

Zero O’Clock Fried Snacks Menu

French Fries 9.74 MYR
Chicken Nuggets9.74 MYR
Chicken Popcorn10.96 MYR
Zero O’Clock Fried Snacks Menu

Zero O’Clock Malaysia Waffle

Plain Belgian Waffle9.74 MYR
Classic Belgian Waffle12.18 MYR
Banana Chocolate Waffle14.62 MYR
Brown Sugar Pearl Waffle17.06 MYR
Berries Waffle18.27 MYR
Mixed Fruit Waffle19.40 MYR
Zero O’Clock Malaysia Waffle

Hand Brew

Milk Tea 11.57 MYR
Milk Coffee12.79 MYR
Yuen Yeuny13.40 MYR
Black Tea9.14 MYR
Pearl Milk Tea14.00 MYR
Pearl Milk Coffee15.23 MYR
Pearl Yuen Yeung 15.83 MYR
Hand Brew

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Zero O’Clock Menu – Signatures

Signature Milk Tea With Pearl And Milk Form15.23 MYR
Signature Yuen Yeuny With Pearl And Milk Form17.05 MYR
Signature Milk Coffee With  Pearl And Milk Form16.44 MYR

Zero O’Clock Milk Form Menu

Milk Form Black Tea11.57 MYR
Milk Form Milk Tea 14.00 MYR
Milk Form Milk Coffee 15.23 MYR
Milk Form Yuen Yeung15.83 MYR
Milk Form Americano14.00 MYR
Milk Form Caffe Latte16.44 MYR
Milk Form Avocado Smoothie20.71 MYR

Zero O’Clock Malaysia Brown Sugar

Pearl Milk Tea16.44 MYR
Pearl Milk Coffee17.66 MYR
Pearl Yuen Yeung18.27 MYR
Pearl Fresh Milk17.66 MYR
Roasted Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea17.66 MYR
Roasted Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Coffee18.88 MYR
Roasted Brown Sugar Pearl Yuen Yeung19.49 MYR
Roasted Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk18.88 MYR


Americano12.79 MYR
Long Black11.57 MYR
Cappuccino14.00 MYR
Coffee Latte14.00 MYR
Mocha15.23 MYR
Affogato15.83 MYR

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Zero O’Clock Menu – Non-Coffee

Lemon Tea9.74 MYR
Lemon Blackcurrant12.18 MYR
Chocolate14.62 MYR

Zero O’Clock Ade Series Menu

Yuzu Ade15.83 MYR
Pear Ade15.83 MYR
Mango Ade15.83 MYR
Strawberry Ade15.83 MYR
Blueberry Ade15.83 MYR
Raspberry Ade15.83 MYR
Granny Smith Apple Ade15.83 MYR
Passion Fruit Ade15.83 MYR
Blue Lagoon17.66 MYR

Zero O’Clock Malaysia Milk Series

Mango Milk15.83 MYR
Strawberry Milk15.83 MYR
Blueberry Milk15.83 MYR
Raspberry Milk15.83 MYR
Granny Smith Apple Milk15.83 MYR


Mango Smoothie 15.83 MYR
Strawberry Smoothie15.83 MYR
Blueberry Smoothie15.83 MYR
Raspberry Smoothie15.83 MYR
Avocado Milk Smoothie19.50 MYR

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Zero O’Clock Malaysia Yogurt Price

Strawberry Yogurt17.05 MYR
Blueberry Yogurt17.05 MYR
Raspberry Yogurt17.05 MYR
Granny Smith Apple Yogurt17.05 MYR

Zero O’Clock Frappe Price

Cookies And Cream19.49 MYR
Double Chocolate Chip19.49 MYR
Matcha19.49 MYR
Espresso19.49 MYR
Vanilla Espresso20.71 MYR
Hazelnut Espresso20.71 MYR
Caramel Espresso20.71 MYR

Zero O’Clock Malaysia Desserts

Basque Curnt Cheesecake18.27 MYR
Chocolate Pie18.27 MYR

Our Favorite Items

Cheese Polo Bun8.53 MYR
Chocolate Pie18.27 MYR
Milk Form Black Tea11.57 MYR
Raspberry Yogurt17.05 MYR

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Is Zero O’Clock Malaysia Halal?

Yes, Zero O’Clock Malaysia is a halal-certified restaurant.

Zero O’Clock Malaysia Outlets Location & Opening Hours:

Following is the Zero O’Clock outlet in Malaysia with location and opening hours: 

Edge Paradise

Location: Level 2 of Block 3, Paradise Edge Paradise, Jalan Stutong, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday (10:00 AM – 2:00 PM)

All the information there in this post is based on the following official sources of Zero O’Clock Malaysia:

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