Best Vegas Restaurants Reviewed by Bill Krackomberger

Best Vegas Restaurants Reviewed by Bill Krackomberger

Most people in Nevada occasionally gamble, but only a rare bunch manage to make a living from this activity, which ranks as only a pastime for almost everyone. Bill Krackomberger is one of those few. This Jersey native grew up on Atlantic City’s boardwalks, working in pizza shops, before learning about positive expectations in games of chance. Eventually, Bill moved to Nevada to ply his trade as a sports bettor in the nation’s only region that allowed this entertainment from pre-2018.

In addition to gambling in Vegas, Bill also reviews online casinos at, educating the public on playing at these sites responsibly. Anyone can try them risk-free with a no-deposit casino bonus code from Ignition, one of the Web’s prime gaming homes. When he is not analyzing slot and roulette platforms, Bill supplies content for various topics on OUSC, and here, he rattles off what are the three best places to eat in Nevada’s most populous city, the seat of Clark County, complete with what he loves most about them.

Michael’s Gourmet Room

Krackomberger makes no bones about what he thinks is the number one eatery in the most bustling resort city on the planet. He honors Michael’s Gourmet Room at the South Point Casino at 9777 Las Vegas Boulevard South. For over four decades, this fifty-seat fine-dining restaurant has hosted celebrities and food connoisseurs from around the globe. It has gotten various prestigious awards from premium reviewers and has always received high grades from almost all dining surveys that have rated it. Zagat has named it one of Vegas’ top five restaurants, and a Las Vegas Review-Journal readers’ called it the best the city offers on the fine dining front. So, Michael’s Gourmet Room has no shortage of accolades.

Krackomberger names it the best dining spot he has ever visited, anywhere, praising its attention to detail, singling out the Maître D and the tuxedo-clad waiters as things that elevate Michael’s Gourmet Room above the competition. Bill also loves the opening relish plate you get here and the Don Perignon-boosted palate-cleansing sorbet given between portions. He notes that if you are in Vegas and want to impress someone, take them to Michael’s Gourmet Room, as they are sure to get wow-ed by all the razzle and dazzle on display here.

Peter Luger at Caesars Palace

In November 2023, one of New York’s quintessential, if not the Big Apple’s most renowned steakhouse, opened up its first non-NYC location in Sin City, bringing its iconic dry-aged porterhouse to the world’s gambling capital. The debut of Peter Luger in Las Vegas was announced in January 2022. It happened via Caesars Entertainment sending out a press release bragging that they managed to rope in the one hundred and thirty-five-year-old restaurant to step out of its home state. Now, visiting Vegas locals can enjoy the meals served by this legendary steakhouse at Caesars Palace, 3570 Las Vegas Boulevard South.

The grand opening of Caesars Peter Luger presented the brand’s traditional menu (Stake for Two/Three/Four), spiced up with Loaded Baked Potato and Shellfish Towers. The owners have created a setting almost identical to the New York one, stating that the only difference is that this one is in Vegas.

The dress code here is business casual, and according to Krackomberger, the stakes are undoubtedly the star of the show at this establishment. Yet, a pro tip for visitors is asking for the secret salad, an off-the-menu gem. It consists of a shrimp cocktail, sliced up, thick-cut bacon, onions, and tomatoes, all covered in the famous Luger sauce. Bill loves it, and it is his go-to at this locale, with a range of delicious appetizers and a decent array of signature cocktails.

The Italian American Club

Found at 2333 East Sahara Avenue in Las Vegas, the Italian American Club is one of the most famed dining venues in the City of Lights. It attained this reputation in the mid-20th century thanks to serving as a favorite hang-out spot for the Rat Pack. Some say this was Frank Sinatra’s preferred restaurant, and while many today will dismiss it as a throwback, the club undoubtedly has vintage charm in spades. It is the ideal location for anyone who wants to step back in time and east where the stars of yesteryear dined.

The Italian American Club’s website notes that this property’s staple is Ceasar salad, which is better executed here than at any other restaurant in town. That is primarily due to the cold, crisp Romaine and the acidic anchovy tang of the old-school dressing. The salad is complemented with Parmesan cheese inside a frico bowl.

Bill jokes that you do not have to be connected to dine here, complimenting the club’s atmosphere, calling it the most welcoming in Vegas, and adding that the menu is a nice blend of old and new. Going by online reviews, the majority of people who have eaten here have positive things to say about the pork chops, stuffed artichoke, and fried mozzarella. Krackomberger also adds that taking in 1950s-style crooner tunes while eating can enhance the food’s flavor, doing the same to the overall dining experience at the Italian American Club.

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